Global Racket

with Brian

Monday, June 20, 2016
19:00 to 22:00
other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Brain Failure Go on the TV Show Downtown Production Bad News 2009
The Golden Boys Run Away Dirty Fingernails 12XU 2012
Moderat The Fool III Monkeytown 2016 *
Zuoxiao Zuzhou Turn In Homework I Have Never Eaten Tiny Grapes Zuoxiao Zuzhou 2013
Hang on the Box We Don't Need a Sax Di Di Di Benten 2002
Guilty Simpson American Dream Ode to the Ghetto Stones Throw 2009
Clint Michigan Ready to Go Hawthorne to Hennepin Kiam 2009
Rebuilding the Rights of Statues Up Next: Bela Lugosi's Back Watch Out! Climate Has Changed, Fat Mum Rises... Modern Sky 2009
Hot Snakes I Hate the Kids Suicide Invoice Swami 2002
Golden Ball Oxen Free The Antique Barking Swirls of Dawn Honeymoon 2007
Gum Bleed Civilization Crime Fuck Society 7" Genjing 2012
Carsick Cars The Best VPN So Far 3 Maybe Mars 2014
William Parker Invocation Stan's Hat Flapping in the Wind Centering 2016 *
Sickidz! Needlehead I Could Go to Hell for You Ace 1984
Torturing Nurse Amp Die China: A Noise Compilation edogm 2006
Helmet Ironhead Meantime Amphetamine 1992
The Low Anthem In the Air Hockey Fire Eyeland Washington Square 2016 *
Daude Veu Vava Daude Tinder 1997
Queen Sea Big Shark Bling Bling Bling Wild Heart Modern Sky 2016
Fanzui Xiangfa I'm Not Like You Criminal Minds Genjing 2006
Can Mary, Mary So Contrary Monster Movie Spoon 1969
PUP If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will The Dream Is Over Side One Dummy 2016 *
SMZB No Friends, No Life 7" Genjing 2006
Hanggai Golden Zhuo He Who Travels Far Four Quarters 2010
Demerit Bye Bye My Country Bastards of the Nation S/R 2008
Homeboy Sandman 1, 2, 3 Hallways Stones Throw 2014
Willie Hightower Back Road Into Town Willie Hightower Honest Jons 2004
Black Panther Shameful Black Panther JVC 1992
Nick Millevoi Desertion and the Arsonist's Match Desertion Shh Puma 2016 *
Dou Wei The Higher Being Dark Dreams S/R 1994
The Pillows Subhuman Another Morning, Another Pillows King Records 2002
Underground Baby All the Same Live S/R 1996
The Goblins 4 Food Groups Missing Fits My Pal God 2001
Flyx Many Ways Generation Six 7" Tenzenmen 2011
Blumfeld Anderes Ich Verstarter Big Cat 1995