with Readie Righteous

life is a gas, don't light it

Saturday, June 18, 2016
14:00 to 17:00
Jazz, blues, funk, R&B, world

other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
The Small Faces Ogden's Nut Gone Flake Ogden's Nut Gone Flake Immediate theme-ifying
Soldier Kane Cardova Soldier Kane Mulatta *
Debo Band Yachat Ere Gobez FPE *
PJ Harvey Medicinals The Hope Six Demolition Project Vagrant Records *
Cate Le Bon Wonderful Crab Day Drag City *
Wynton Marsalis/Telmary Diaz Mi Tempestad The Pedrito Martinez Group Motema *
Willie Colon El Gran Varon Greatest Hits/Top Secrets Fania Simon, a trans man who leaves his family and a disapproving father
Los Tigres del Norte Era Diferente Realidades . a young girl falls in love with her bff
Alaska y Dinarama A quien le importa (Who cares) . . "I decide my destiny"; iconic LGBT song (1986)
Mecano Mujer contra mujer . . about a relationship of 2 women who continue their romance despite adversity
Gloria Trevi Todos me miran La Trayectoria . show the world who you are, whatever anyone thinks
Fangoria Supertravesti . . SOO-pear travesti! an alien transvestite in Vegas tried to convince his lover to go back to his home planet
Francisca Valenzuela Insulto . . Chilean singer-songwriter singing of solidarity among those discriminated against or rejected by society because of their sexual orientation
Chavela Vargas Macorina . . about maria calvo nodarse-1st woman in Cuba to get a drivers' license in the early 1900's; later reputed to be a prostitute in Havana
Christian Chavez Quiero Volar Almas Transparentes . Chavez sings of feeling liberated after coming out as gay in 2007
Alex Anwandter Como puedes vivir contigo mismo (How can you live with yourself?) . . 2011; (ah-gwan-TARE) Chilean singer sings this Latin gay anthem -an homage to the film about the vogue scene, "Paris is Burning"
Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds Coyote Conundrum La Arana es La vida In the Red *
Yeasayer Gerson's Whistle Amen & Goodbye Mute *
The Fireman Sun is Shining Electric Arguments ATO Records Fireman's 3rd album a Paul McCartney/Youth Project
Chris Forsyth & the Solar Motel Band Boston Street Lullaby The Rarity Of Experience No Quarter 2016 *
The Fireman Watercolour Guitars Rushes EMI Their 2nd album- Happy B-day Paul McCartney!
Doris Abrahams Dance the Night Away The Ladies of "Too Slow to Disco" Who Do You Are? 2016 C
Klymaxx Meeting in the Ladies Room 12" single Constellation
The Fireman Transcrystaline Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest Parlophone 1993; McCartney/Youth sampling "Off the Ground" & "Back to the Egg" tracks
BKGD Audio No Fear Round 1 Internet & Weed *
The Fireman Pure Trance Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest Parlophone
Santigold Rendezvous Girl 99 cents Atlantic 2016 *
LNZNDRF Monument LNZNDRF 4AD Ltd 2016 *
The Fireman 444 Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest Parlophone
Paul McCartney Here Today Tug of War Columbia