oops i inked again

with kid squid

Thursday, June 16, 2016
19:00 to 22:00
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john cale/brian enospinning awaydisconnecti'm back
skeeter davisthe end of the world--
kate bushblow awaynever for ever
radiator hospitalsomething wildsomething wild
summer twins blindslimbo*
broadcastamerica's boytender buttons
ariel pinkjell-opom pom
brian enobackwaterbefore and after science
brian enobackwaterbefore and after science
eskimeauxyear of the rabbityear of the rabbit*
monie lovemonie in the middledown to earth
lucky dragonsgiversdream island laughing language
talking headsthank you for sending me an angelmore songs about building and food
gillian welch & allison kraussi'll fly awayo brother, where art thou? soundtrack
mothersit hurts until it doesn'twhen you walk a long distance you are tired*
andrew birdst. francis reelmusic of hair
mivos quartet playing andrew greenwalda thing is a hole in a thing it is notgarden of diverging paths*
stephen steinbrinksynesthetic ephemeraarranged waves
girlpoolcut your bangschinatowngirlpool cover of radiator hospital
joshua jamescustom concernwell, then, i'll go to helljoshua james cover of modest mouse
humeyshafor love, from the lawhumeysha
pwr bttm1994ugly cherries
cryingvacationget olde
floristcool and refreshingholdly
sleater-kinneymodern girlthe woods
cyberbully mom clubfight night championamy locust whatever
pinegroveangelinaeverything so far
sharon van ettenwords (music from the film "tig")--
beach housespace songdepression cherryR
10 string symphonyanna janeweight of the world
big treewhole wide worlds/t
darlingsideharrison fordbirds say
joni mitchellameliatravelogue
mitskifirst love/late springbury me at makeout creek
the booksfree translatorthe way out
johanna warrenblack mossnumun
algebra suicidelittle dead bodiesthe secret like crazy
stan rogerswhite squallthe very best of stan rogers
the poguesif i should fall from grace with godif i should fall from grace with god
the tallest man on eartha lion's heartthe wild hunt
ralph vaughan williams/ london philharmonic choir/ orchestraa sea symphony II. on the beach at night alone / III. the waves--words by walt whitman