These Vibes Are Too Cosmic

with Stevie & Brian

Science, Music, Whatever

Tuesday, June 7, 2016
17:00 to 19:00
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PRAISEMakes No SenseLeave It All BehindREACT! Records*

Introduction to the show
Malportado KidsBruja CosmicaTotal CulturaDead Labour2015
Nina SimoneMississippi Goddamn - LiveForever Young, Gifted, and Black: Songs of Freedom and SpiritBMG MusicOriginally recorded in 1967

Part 1: Kabir Khanna on Political Psychology
Young RivalLet me go onLet me go onPaperbag Records2016
Clap! Clap!The Rainstick FableTayi BebbaBlack Acre2014
Actual Water647-445-1141 (Call 4 Fun)Call 4 FunBad Actors2014

Part 2: Kabir Khanna on Political Psychology
Patti SmithDancing BarefootWaveArtista1979
Summer CannibalsGo HomeGo Homes/r2016

Part 3: Kabir Khanna on Political Psychology
WasherEyelidsHere Comes WasherExploding in Sound2016
LudlowSong about patriarchyContinental Divides/
TancredSell my headOut of the GardenPolyvinyl2016
Blk GalagaWeedsRail on the top shelfs/r2013
GulpsBummerBummer - EPs/r2015

Part 4: Kabir Khanna on his band Gulps
GulpsCan't U SeeBummer - EPs/r2015
John CarpenterBela LugosiLost Themes IISacred Bones2016*