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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
The Gothic Archies City Of The Damned The New Despair Merge 1997; Stephin Merritt-led self-described goth-bubblegum band
Todd Rundgren The Night The Carousel Burnt Down Something/Anything? Bearsville 1972; Upper Darby (Philly 'burbs) native; 3rd album, a double-album
Momus The Day The Circus Came To Town Circus Maximus
Tom Waits Carnival The Black Rider Island 1993; songs Waits wrote for the play The Black Rider, directed by Robert Wilson and co-written by William S. Burroughs. The play is based on the German folktale Der Freischutz, which had previously been made into an opera by Carl Maria von Weber. The play premiered on March 31, 1990, at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg, Germany. Its world English-language premiere occurred in 1998 at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival. Waits would later collaborate with Wilson on the plays Alice (1992) and Woyzeck (2000), the music to which were released on the albums Alice and Blood Money, respectively.
Myriam Alter Carousel Alter Ego Intuition
Piano Circus Red Miniatures 2 Cherry Red
Victim Carnival Everything Overground
Sarolta Zalatnay The Freak (Gsodabogak) Sarolta Zalatnay
Elly Stone Carousel (La Valise A Mille Temps) Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well and Living In Paris Columbia 1968
Yma Sumac Indian Carnival Mambo! Capitol 1954; 5th studio album by the Peruvian soprano
The United States Of America The American Metaphysical Circus The United States Of America Columbia 1968; an American experimental and psychedelic band whose works, recorded in late 1967, are an early example of the use of electronic devices in rock music. The short-lived band was founded in Los Angeles by experimental composer Joseph Byrd and singer and lyricist Dorothy Moskowitz, with musicians Gordon Marron, Rand Forbes and Craig Woodson, but split up shortly after the release of their only album in 1968. Their sound blended a range of musical genres, including avant-garde, psychedelic, and art rock, with many of the songs' lyrics reflecting Byrd's leftist political views. Unusually, the band had no guitar player; instead, they used strings, keyboards and electronics, including primitive synthesizers, and various audio processors, including the ring modulator. According to critic Kevin Holm-Hudson, "what distinguishes the United States of America from some of its contemporaries... is the seriousness and skill with which they incorporated avant-garde and other influences into their music."
Was (Not Was) Out Come the Freaks Mutant Disco Disc 2 ZE Records From a trilogy of songs by art-funk ensemble Was (Not Was). The trilogy consists of three songs that feature the same basic title, tune and chorus lyric: "Out Come the Freaks" (1981), "(Return to the Valley of) Out Come the Freaks" (1983), and "Out Come The Freaks" (1987) (later issued as "Out Come the Freaks (Again)".) Was (Not Was) is an American eclectic pop group founded by David Weiss (a.k.a. David Was) and Don Fagenson (a.k.a. Don Was) that formed in suburban Detroit. C
Vivien Goldman Launderette Resolutionary Staubgold British journalist, writer and musician. She began her career as a PR officer for Island Records. *
The Gothic Archies In The Reptile Room The Tragic Treasury: Songs From A Series Of Unfortunate Events Nonesuch Lemony Snickett
Tim Buckley Carnival Song Goodbye and Hello Elektra 1967; 2nd studio album
Gene Moore I Donít Know Whatís Real Anymore Carnival of Souls
Skygreen Leopards Egyptian Circus Disciples Of California Jagjaguwar 2006
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan The Circus Is Leaving Town Ballad of the Broken Seas V2 2006; the first collaboration between her and Mark Lanegan. It made the shortlist for the 2006 Mercury Music Prize and was one of NME's top one hundred albums of the decade.
Bibio Petals A Mineral Love Warp 2016 * R
LNZNDRF Hypno-Skate LNZNDRF 4AD 2016 *
Wire Dead Weight Nocturnal Koreans Pink Flag 2016; 15th studio album. *
John Carpenter Distant Dream Lost Themes II Sacred Bones 2016 *
Animal Collective On Delay Painting With Domino 2016 * R
Mixel Pixel Coney Island Bound Trash Train Mappy Land Kanine Records 2000; a music/video project based in Brooklyn, New York, active from 1995-2009.
The Lounge Lizards I Remember Coney Island The Lounge Lizards The Lounge Lizards EG Records 1981 debut; songs are mostly composed by band leader and saxophone player John Lurie.
The Tigerlilies Send In the Clowns Circus Songs