with Tim

sittin in

Saturday, May 21, 2016
16:00 to 18:00
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explosions in the sky wildernessthe wildernesstemporary residence *
tetuzi aklyama anita coutismind morchilerosnaranja songs public eyesore records
john metalfesunthe appearance of colurbeat world*
ghost gumagain clique loose tooth ghost gum mumbler 4 way self released*
summer twinsblindslimbo Burger Records*
animal collectiveon delay painting with domino *
baby jesusnice walk baby jesus yippi ki yay *
man or astroman intro transmission from uranus live transmissions from uraniushomo hablis
the mooney suzuki electric sweat electric sweat gammon
the brood satisfyinin spite of it all get hip
the lemon drops i live in the spring timelemon drops /
dum dum girls there is a light i get high on you /
lush starlust//
1929intro/webbed toeslast but not leasedsiltbreeze
fleeting joy kiss a girl in black ./
caspian in bloom in bough //
ken nordinehello a transparent mask asphodel
hp love craftnothing boy hp lovecraftuniversal music
ken nordinebirdsa transparent mask asphodel
negitivelandtheme from a big 10-8 placea big 10-8 placeseeland
negitiveland 180 =g a big 10-8 place part 2 a big 10-8 place seeland
negitivelandold is new = no businessno businessfanatic
april march somewhere up above trigger/
small faces dreamingsingle the singles collection *
matthews southern comfort and me Later that same year pickwick
space opera over and over space opera /
jethro tull nothing is easy stand up chrysalis
monkees riu chiu pieces capricorn jones ltdcolgems
lovin spoon ful darlin be home soon ed sullivan
peter paul and mary love city late again /
rare earth get ready in concert rare earth records
aaaa new memphis legs wild about you a hsitory of memphis garage rock shanga la
loretta velvettedont crowd your minda history of memphis garage rockshangra la
taco cat you cant fire me i quitlost timehardly art*
nebula do it now charged sub pop
necks open (excerpt) opennorthern spy records