Noises That You Don't Mind

with Bobby

Sunday, May 15, 2016
01:00 to 03:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
modern baseball wedding singer holy ghost run for cover just released yesterday!
new bomb turks girl can help it pissing out the poison matador
cursive the sun and the moon i am gemini saddle creek
desperacidos man and wife, the latter (damaged goods) read music / speak spanish saddle creek
cymbals eat guitars cold spring why there are mountains s/r
defiance, ohio anxious and worrying the few, the few, the fewer no idea
dogs on acid keep in touch s/t jade tree
deerhunter helicopter halcyon digest 4AD
la sera one true love music for listening to music to polyvinyl *
i was a king norman bleik 7" morningside
a passing feeling here is a postcard we might not sleep at all this year 75 or less
cymbals candy bar sideways, sometimes tough love
nap eyes tribal thoughts whine of the mystic paradise of bachelors
new bad things the i suck freewheel candy-ass
the dirtbombs sherlock holmes we have you surrounded in the red
iceage ecstacy 7" escho
descendents everything sux everything sucks epitaph
icky boyfriends sex trash 7" c&p
stiff little fingers at the edge live! R
drive like jehu golden brown yank crime swami
pavement in the mouth desert slanted & enchanted matador
elvis costello pump it up recorded '77-'79 demon
pet ufo leviathing my name is esther cohen double deuce
don caballero and and and... 7" s/r
slingshot dakota doreen break topshelf *
the meat puppets oh, me II R
the room outside what is coming s/t
gilbert deflez l'agonie je suis vivant, mais jai peur de... finders keepers