Not Truth, But Effect

with KPC

Saturday, May 14, 2016
22:00 to 01:00
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AutoluxReappearingPussy's dead30th Century/Columbia2016*
Tuff LoveCarbonDregs (10" ep)Lost Map2015...solid yellow vinyl
Negative ScannerPlanet of slumsNegative ScannerTrouble In Mind2015
Mind SpidersProsthesisProsthesisDirtnap2016*
Make BelieveAnything/Selling that thingOf courseFlameshovel2006R
Kid Congo & The Pink MonkeybirdsRicky tacky tockyLa Arana es la vidaIn The Red 2016*
Mope CityUntapped utilityPetri dishTenth Court2015
The WipersAlien boyIs this real?Sub Pop (orig. Park Avenue)1979
Thigh MasterRed woonsSongs to wipe your mouth to (7" ep)Tenth Court2015
Primitive PartsRented housesParts primitiveTrouble In Mind2015
Thee ArcadiansMCIIIWe have come for your parentsFeeding Tube2015
MournMarshallMournCaptured Tracks2014mourn
Ultimate PaintingWoken by noisesGreen lanesTrouble In Mind2015
Andy PartridgeDon't you ever dare call me chickenheadFuzzy warbles, vol. 5Ape House2004
WoolfCivilisationPosing/ImprovisingLa Vida Es Un Mus2016*
Sonic YouthKotton KrownSisterGoofin'1987/2016 reissue*
UruochromesT.O.A.P."T.O.A.P." (7" ep)Lumpy2015
Space RaftDisconnection noticeRubiconDusty Medical2016*
Feral OhmsSweetbreads"I fall"/"Seweetbreads" (7" single)Alternative Tentacles2016*
The Magnetic MindAs fast as I canThe Magnetic thinking about itHeavy Soul2015
PrinceHow ya been feelin/More of thissplit 7" (w/Dan Padilla)Dead Broke2016....not THE Prince (RIP), but a new band called Prince*
Negative Space[untitled] (side a, track 2)Negative Space (7" ep)Grave Imprint/Beau Travail2016*
The PillowsLet's see if that's true or notRunners highKing1999
Cellar DoorsPrism"Frost"/"Prism" (7" single)Spiritual Pajamas2016...white vinyl*
ExmagicianThe Rot sets inScan the blueBella Union2016*
Jared LeibowichWe love mysteryWelcome late bloomersSundae2015
Kane StrangScarlet king magnoliaBLue cheeseBa Da Bing2016*
CosmeticsBlack leather gloves (7" version)Olympia...plusCaptured Tracks2010/2013 (comp. released)
JennyleeBlindRight on!Rough Trade2015
Peter BruntnellLong way down from a cloudNos da comradeDomestico2016*
IvyHead businessA Cat's cause no dog's problem (7" ep)Katorga Works2015
PubertyHaunt my trashPubertyBorn Bad2016...ex-The Intelligence*
RetretesFuera de casa"Aguantando como pueda" (7" ep)World Gone Mad2014
King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardRobot stopNonagon infinityATO2016*
Electric EyeSilent by the riverDifferent sunJansen Plateproduksjon2016*
Rakta Em TranseEspiralRakta Em Transe (7" ep)Nada Nada Discos/Damada Noite Discos2015
Sweet TalkBorrow your stuffDouble perfect12XU2015
SavagesSad personAdore lifeMatador2016*
Charlie HiltonNo one willPalanaCaptured Tracks2016...Blouse singer*
Joanna NewsomLeaving the cityDiversDrag City2015
Leonard CohenIs this what you wantedNew skin for the old ceremonyColumbia1974