with Aida

Friday, May 13, 2016
19:30 to 22:30
Electronic/hip hop/80s japan/???
other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments Comp
Thomas Koener tt. wip Modulation & Transformation 4 Mille Plateaux 1999 C
Medium Medium Hungry, So Angry DJ Morpheus: I Can't Live Without My Radio Tigersushi 2005
Mr. Oizo Analog Worms Attack Analog Worms Attack Mute 2000
Serengeti No Beginner Kenny Dennis III Joyfufl Noise Records 2015
Roska Eleven 45 Rinse Presents: Roska 2 Rinse 2012
Shamir Youth Ratchet XL 2015
Fingers Inc. Can You Feel It 12" Jack Trax 1989
D.S. I Remember Yesterday Remix 99' (Untitled Mix 1) 12" GTO 1999
No Zu Raw Vision Afterlife Chapter 2016
Klara Circus Boku No Katamuki Angel Orphan Nagomu 1987
Bachikaburi Only You Ichiryuu Nagomu 1985
Sadato Group Kafesho 7" Kang-Gung 1984
Urban Dance Remaking Of Non-Standard Music Urban Dance Non-Standard 1985
The Stalin Benkyou ga dekinai 7" Alfa 1989
Pineapple 4.9 Dendededen Pineapple 4.9 Gym 1983
Ikari Lucky Time 7" R.B.F. 1984
Pablo Picasso Yah! Soft Type Telegraph 1983
Chris Marker La Jetee - Superior Viaduct 2016
Nightmares on Wax Mega Donuts N.O.W. is the Time Warp 2014
Monotract Clothing Removal Party Blaggout Animal World 2000
Sensational Thick Marker Loaded With Power Wordsound! 1997
Dizzee Rascal Stand Up Tall (Youngsta Remix) 12" XL 2005
Dalek Masked Laughter (Nothing's Left) Asphalt for Eden Profound Lore 2016
El-P $4 VIC Cancer 4 Cure Fat Possum 2012
Princess Nokia Dragons Metallic Butterfly S/r 2014
D'Angelo Sugah Daddy Black Messiah RCA 2015