Classical Connections

with Jack

...more like "Concrete Connections"

Friday, May 13, 2016
06:00 to 08:30
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Composer Piece Ensemble/
Conductor Soloist/
Label Comments
Bach, J. S. Sinfonia to Cantata no. 29 Wendy Carlos, Moog synthesizer Serendip 0602
Bach, J. S. Brandenburg Concerto no. 3 in G major Wendy Carlos, Moog synthesizer Serendip 0607
Schaeffer, Pierre Cinq etudes de bruits INA.GRM 0628
Stockhausen, Karlheinz Hymnen Gurzenich Orchestra Karlheinz Stockhausen Stockhausen 0652
Babbitt, Milton Composition for Synthesizer Sony 3268 0733
Gelmetti, Vittorio Treni d'onda a modulazione d'intensita Vittorio Gemetti, synthesizer Caipirinha 0745
Ussachevsky, Vladimir Computer Piece no. 1 CRI 813 0759
Ussachevsky, Vladimir Metamorphosis CRI 813 0802
Ussachevsky, Vladimir Wireless Fantasy CRI 813 0806
Ussachevsky, Vladimir Two sketches for a computer piece CRI 813 0811
Holst, Gustav Second Suite in F for Military Band Cleveland Symphonic Winds Frederick Fennell Internet 0820