with Tim

sittin in

Saturday, May 7, 2016
13:00 to 15:00
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john metcalfesun (excerpt)the appearance of colourreal world*
apple sauce tears a kiss and a cuddle alpha drift black cottage
john metclafesun (excerpt) the appearance of colourreal world
yeasayerdaughters of cain /i am chemistry amen and goodbye mute*
pink floyd astronomy domine piper at the gates of dawn harvest C
dr dog swampadelic pop psychedelic swamp anti *
Animal CollectiveON DELAY painting with domino*
david bowieblackstar blackstariso*
thee heavenly music associationmy spacesuit has ripped please open the hatch open to hate/
curve horror head//
explosions in the sky have you passed through the night //
faust seventies eventpatchwork 1971-2002/
hammockthe air between us kenotic/
buffalo springfield expecting to fly /atco
Jean jaque perrey you moog me moog/
choir katedry warsazje canon solis//
astroid #4take me down an amazing dreamrainbow quartz
cream deserted cities of the heart wheels of fire/
guitar hand full of timesunkissed/
catherineevery Christian lion hearted man sorry/
death cab for cutiecath Narrow stairs/Cath.. she stands with a well intentioned man......
orephusill be thereorephus/
free mouthful of grass Freea&m
the apples of stereo seems so tone soul evolution spinart
american analog setknow by heartknow by hearttigerstyle
glazerthe doorglazer ep home video
arbouretumthe long nightcoming out of the fog thrill jockey
add n to xwe are the add the n to the x on the wires of our nervesmute
all natrual lemon lime flavorsrepetitive montotonusstraight blue linegern bladstein
a u epicboth lightshometapes
fairport convention tam lin liege and liefa&m
phil ochsthere but for fortunephil ochs in concertelektra
the sundownerswall street alphabetfolk songs for the rich liberty
dan weiss the drummers meet sixteen drummer suitepi recordings
add n to x electric villageloud like naturemute
god is an astronaught fell from starsteh end of the beginning/
au rr vs d verbsaagoo
serena mannish hear bleed Philharmonic s-m backwards/
robin trower bridge of sighsbridge of sighs/
tujiko noriko ?Make me hard mego records