oops i inked again

with kid squid

Friday, May 6, 2016
00:00 to 02:00
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dan weisselvinsixteen drummers suite*
fat worm of errorspecial bonus thingpregnant babies pregnant with pregnant babies
g.l.o.s.s.masculine artificedemo
x-ray spexoh bondage! up yours!germfree adolescentssome ppl think//..
laurie andersonfrom the airbig science
tears for fearsshoutthe universal masters collectionR
isley brothersshout!--hehe
teen suicideliving proofit's the big joyous celebration, let's stir the honeypot*
th' faith healersheart fogimaginary friendi almost called this song fart hog lol
general electriksbrain collage (w/ feetal)cliquety kliqk
zazou/bikaye/cy1dju ya fezait's a crammed crammed crammed world!C
mauricethis is acid--R
v/a (see comments)marineraperu: music from the land of macchu picchupatricia ghumbiavca - vocals & guitar, fernando aviles - bongos, carlos chumbioca - cajon
glenn jones in durance vilefleeting*
members of the lisu tribethe visitorsmusic of the chinese tribes in the golden triangle
"my love"
"new years"
jolie hollandtiny idyll/lil missyescondida
brian eno & david byrnemoonlight in glorymy life in the bush of ghosts
erase erratabilly mummyother animals
emma peelhormone hahaplay emma for me
emily hainesourknives don't have your back
dr. doguncovering the old--R
steve reichmusic for pieces of woodthird coast percussion*