Noises That You Don't Mind

with Bobby

Sunday, May 1, 2016
01:00 to 03:00
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animal liberation orchestramariaroses & cloverbrushfire
sorority noiseblissthjoy departedtopshelf
the hoteliersoft animalgoodnesstiny enginesNEW album coming out in may
the superweakskick itbad yearlame-o
shit presentanxious types/tspecialist subject
camp copestove lighters/tpoison city^^^^^^these two are FRIENDS in AUSTRALIA
the obsessivescampingheck no, nancynear mint
yuckstranger thingsstranger thingsmamé*
hop alongpowerful manpainted shutsaddle creek5/10 WONDER BAR ASBURY PARK W/ SPEED ORTIZ
speedy ortizno belowmajor arcanacarpark^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
right away, great captainblamethe church of the good thieffavorite gentlemenandy hull of manchester orchestra
modern baseballapple cider, i don't mindholy ghostrun for coverrelease 5/13
quarterbackscenters/tteam love
worriersglutton for distanceimaginary lifedon giovanni
deep throatsgood bad pretty / dirty secretgood bad prettyeffeminate*
into it. over it. augusta, gatwelve townstopshelf
alex gkickerbeach musicdomino
allison crutchfieldsupermoonlean in to itindependent
bummers evelife's a rags/talmost ready*
bradford trojanevery little bones/ts/r*
iceageglass eyed, dormant and veiledplowing into the field of lovematador
thin lipsnothing weirddivorce yearlame-o
washereyelidshere comes washerexploding in sound
i'm glad it's youa long december (counting crows cover)daydreams6131
henriettaopposite wayspaper wingsanimal style
the homeless gospel choiruntitledi used to be so younga-f
mal blum w/ chris gethardcrying at the wawasingledon giovanni