All Things Dismissed

with Not Steve Drummond

Shades of Gray Dismissed

Wednesday, April 20, 2016
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Hyuna Red A Talk Red, the color of K-pop
The Birthday Massacre Red Stars Walking With Strangers red, the color of unhappy birthdays
The War on Drugs Red Eyes Lost In The Dream the color of eyes
Blood Orange Uncle ACE Cupid Deluxe orange is a bit harder to pin down sonically
Frank Ocean feat Andre 3000 Pink Matter channel ORANGE the matter is pink but the channel is ORANGE
Joyce Manor Orange Julius Orange Julius that's more like it
PJ Harvey The Orange Monkey The Orange Monkey possibly an orangutan
Johnny Cash Orange Blossom Special The Essential Johnny Cash orange sounds special
Robin Schulz, Disciples Yellow SUGAR the sound of fear
Wiz Khalifa Black And Yellow Rolling Papers uh... you know what it is
the Beatles Yellow Submarine 1 yellow is the color of artistic integrity
Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Goodbye Yellow Brick Road good riddance yellow
Buer Guer Green Sauce Have You Lost Your Faith In God? delicious and the best of visible light *
Eventide Green Swells EP swell sound
Dumbfoundead Green Dfd dumbfoundead has a canny sense of color
TOKiMONSTA Green Half Shadows green is a sound-eyed monster
John Legend feat Andre 3000 Green Light Evolver green sounds for 4/21
Jennifer O'Connor Black Sky Blanket Surface Noise hmmm *
Graham Repulski White Leper Graham Repulski ehhh *
Rheostatics One More Colour Introducing Happiness is it blue or green? (it's blue)
Joni Mitchell Blue Blue canada is quite blue
Stevie Nicks Blue Water 24 Karat Gold clear water, but still
Beyonce feat Blue Ivy Blue Beyonce blue children
King Krule Baby Blue 6 Feet Beneath the Moon we seem to be getting younger
BIGBANG Blue ALIVE we've gone back to the very beginning
Regina Spektor Blue Lips Far anyway here's regina spektor
MIlky Chance Indigo Sadnecessary a great service to representation of musical colors
Old Wave Indigo Old Wave also this
Miles Davis, Robert Glasper Violets Violets we made it everyone
Billie Holiday Violets for Your Furs Lady In Satin victory lap
Janelle Monae Violet Stars Happy Hunting! Metropolis: The Chase Suite all the colors the ear can hear
Bright Eyes Light Pollution Digital Ash In A Digital Urn so many colors here R