with Aida

Friday, April 8, 2016
19:00 to 22:00
other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
The Rezillos Flying Saucer Attack Can't Stand The Rezillos 13 Cuts 1978
999 Homicide 7" United Artists 1978
Metal Urbain Panik Anarchy In Paris! Acute 2004, orig. 1978
The Bags Babylonian Gorgon All Bagged Up 78-80 Artifix 2006
The Brat The Wolf 7" 540 1970s
Ivy Green I'm Sure Whatever They Hype... Circo Re 1978
Panic Jimmy Is Punk 13 Universe Productions 1978
Plugz Mindless Contentment Move Slash 1978
Country Teasers Kill! Science Hate, Artistic Cube, Moral Nosebleed Empire In The Red 2002
Swell Maps Let's Build A Car Collision Time Revisited Mute 1989
PCPC Fell Into The Wrong Crowd Ramsgate Dull Tools 2016 *
The Contortions Designed To Kill 12" Ze 1978
Sun City Girls Target Silhouette Punished Blameless Dawn of the Devi Majora 1991
Non Band Duncan Dancin' Non Band Telegraph 1982
Tanoshii Ongaku Nippon Ebasho Moyou Yappari Kurichan 1983
Togawa Jun Tonari no Indojin Okki Sama Yen 1984
SPK Seite ((Lysso)) Leichenschrei Thermidor 1982
??? Invocation For Judgement Against And Destruction Of Rock Music Sounds Of North American Dooms Day Cults Faithways International 2009
Gary Clail Half A Gram A Shout! 12" On-U 1985
Metal Boys Tokio Airport Tokio Airport Acute 2004
Seth Price NY Sadness Army Jacket Dais 2002
Suicide Frankie Teardrop Suicide Red Star 1977
Psychic TV She Was Surprised Allegory And Self Temple Records Limited 1988
Brand Image Are You Loving (Vocal) 12" Dark Entries 2016, orig. 1983
Depeche Mode Photographic Speak & Spell Mute 1981
Fad Gadget Ricky's Hand 12" Mute 1980
Crash Course In Science Cardboard Lamb Signals From Pier Thirteen Dark Entries 2014, orig. 1981
System Liliputt Strandshow Harpa Dark Entries 2011, orig. 1984
Boytronic Bryllyant 12" Dark Entries 2015, orig. 1988
Chris Marker La Jetee La Jetee Superior Viaduct 2016, orig. 1962