Backspace Century

with DJ Sniffles

Tuesday, April 5, 2016
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request
C.A. Quintet Underground Music Trip Thru Hell 1969
Gun Club Texas Serenade Miami 1982
Richard Hell & The Voidoids New Pleasure Blank Generation 1977
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments Cheater's Heaven Bait And Switch 1995
Velvet Underground Ocean 1969 - Velvet Underground Live 1969
The Monochrome Set I Wanna Be Your Man Volume, Contrast, Brilliance: Unreleased & Rare, Vol. 2 1978
Volcano Suns Descent Into Hell The Bright Orange Years 1985
Gaunt Now Yeah, Me Too 1995
Tall Dwarfs Nothing's Going To Happen Hello Cruel World 1988
Cavern Of Anti-Matter + Bradford Cox Liquid Gate Void Beats/Invocation Trex 2016 *
Documenta Idle Hands Drone Pop #1 2015
Broadcast Man Is Not A Bird Haha Sound 2003
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra + Nino Mochella Kiss The Sky Voices and Choices 2007, hbd <3 R
fIREHOSE Flyin' The Flannel Flyin' The Flannel 1991
The Terminals Native Waiter Touch 1992
Pumice When I Chew My Sleeves Puddles 2015
The Verlaines Death And The Maiden Juvenilia 1987
Comets On Fire Days Of Vapors s/t 2003
Half Japanese Vast Continent Hot 1995
Polvo Lazy Comet Today's Active Lifestyles 1993
U.S. Maple You Know What... Will Get You You Know What... Long Hair In Three Stages 1995
Trumans Water The Obstacle Of Habit Fragments Of A Lucky Break 1998
God Is My Co-Pilot Pillu Laulu The Best Of God Is My Co-Pilot 1996
The For Carnation Tales s/t 2000
Depeche Mode Little 15 Little 15 1993 R
Roy Montgomery At The Intersection Of Herzog & Wenders Allegory Of Hearing 2000
Flies Inside The Sun Detour s/t 1996
Yowie Slowly But Surly Damning With Faint Praise 2012
Upsilon Acrux Pitch Mountain: Maps Sun Square Dialect 2015
Manacle Heavenly Compressor Paper Hands EP 2009
Slapp Happy + Henry Cow Bad Alchemy Desperate Straights 1975
Gilberto Gil + Os Mutantes Coragem Pra Suportar Frevo Rasgado 1968