Not Truth, But Effect

with KPC

Saturday, April 2, 2016
22:00 to 01:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
The Marked Men Not just another girl The Marked Men Dirtnap 2003...see also The Reds, Mind Spiders, Radioactivity
Savages T.I.W.G. Adore life Matador 2016 *
Whatever Brains Let's find a cop Whatever Brains Sorry State 2015
Intuili Sea eyes Elves, red sprites, blue jets Aagoo 2016 *
Beech Creeps Creeps can't swim "Creeps can't swim"/"Deep in the dive" (7" single) Monofonus Press 2016...clear light blue vinyl *
Kitten Forever Trip wire 7 Hearts Atlas Chair 2016 *
Evans The Death Enabler Expect delays Slumberland 2015
Boss Eye Albino blood Plays cottage vortex Twistworthy 2016 *
Lithics Seven people Lithics s/r 2015 *
Spray Paint Nice hustle Clean blood, regular acid Monofonus Press 2014
Wir Looking at me (stop!) The First letter Mute/Elektra 1991 R
John Cale Thoughtless kind M:Fans Domino 2016 *
LNZNDRF Samarra LNZNDRF 4AD 2016...The National + Beirut + electronics *
Octagrape Teenage baboons Emotional oil (12" ep) Sounds Familyre 2013
Colleen Green Yr so cool Sock it to me Hardly Art 2013
Urochromes Ugly "T.O.A.P." (7" ep) Lumpy 2015
The Donkeys Day by day Midnight palms Easy Sound 2016 *
Feels Bird's eye Feels Castle Face 2016 *
Regal Degal Eaten alive in front of stained glass Speckled fruit Roti 2011
Lonelady Flee! Hinterland Warp 2015
J.J. Burnel Jellyfish Euroman cometh Mau Mau 1979...The Stranglers' bassist
Jennylee He fresh Right on! Rough Trade 2015...Warpaint's bassist
Mystery Machine Invitation Glazed Nettwerk 1992
Aerosol Burns Afraid of the phone "Afraid of the phone"/"(Your love is) Where I go" (7" single) Pogo Time 2016 *
This Moment In Black History Economy of line It takes a nation of assholes to hold us back Coldsweat 2006...Spike In Vein cover
Glitterbust The Highline Glitterbust Burger 2016...Kim Gordon + Alex Knost (Japanese Motors)...clear vinyl *
Beach House Common girl Thank your lucky stars Sub Pop 2015
Electric Eye Never fade away Different sun Jansen Plateproduksjon 2016 *
Dead Heavens Adderall highway "Adderall highway"/"Hyacinth" (7" single) Velvet Elk 2015
Kim Jung Mi Haenim Now Lion Productions 1973
Angkanang Kunchai w/Ubon-Pattana Band Lam plearn kiew hak Isan lam plearn EM 1975
Lisa Ronson CKSB Emperors of medieval Japan Maniac Squat 2015...Mick Ronson's daughter
Colour Me Wednesday You're not my no. 1 bastard I thought it was morning Dovetown Recordings/Discount Horse 2013
Julia Holter Sea calls me home Have you in my wilderness Domino 2015
Shopping Theme Consumer complaints Fatcat 2013
Yeti Lane Crystal sky L'Aurore Clapping Music/Sonic Cathedral 2016 *
Apocalypse Meow Baby, I'm a scientist The End is nigh Bigger Boat/Catnap/Sex Sheet/Rad Girlfriend/Night Animal 2015...white vinyl
Advance Base Kitty Winn Nephew in the wild Orindal 2016 *
Florist Only a prayer, nothing more The Birds outside sang Double Double Whammy 2016 *