Noises That You Don't Mind

with Bobby

Sunday, March 27, 2016
01:00 to 03:00
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cymbals eat guitars...and the hazy seawhy there are mountainss/r
dag nastythin linecan i saydischord
cryptacizeone block wondersmythomaniaasthmatic kitty
defiance ohioanxious and worryingthe fear, the fear, the fearno idea
cold war kidshot coalshold my homedowntown
samantha craintraipsing throught the aislesthe confiscationramseur
the front bottomsjim bogartrose EPbar none
fountains of waynesink to the bottoms/tatlantic
the fruit batsthe ruminant bandthe ruminant bandsub pop
primitive handsi'll die alone7"tic tac totally
cursivenostalgiathe difference between houses and homessaddle creek
cayetanamadame bnervous like metiny engines
coco rosiebeautiful boyznoah's arktouch & go
laura stevensonout with a whimpercocksuredon giovanniGOOD*
have a good seasonbasquiatjoseph EPs/rALSO GOOD (nj)
the yarrowssubdivision blackouts/ts/r
the jinkiesroad trip7"kingpin
lou reedsweet jane (live nyc)american poet?
nick cavethere she goes, my beautiful worldabattoir bluesmute
idathank you7"simple machines
tom waitsdirt in the groundbone machineisland
jake xerxes fussellstar girls/tparadise of bachelors
the black swansdark plumssex brain EPbwatue
passion flower hotelyou can't hurt me anymores/tsituation two
captain beefhearthair pie: bake IItrout mask replicastraight stereo