Music With Space

with Michael Hunter

Music for the space between your left and right ears

Friday, March 18, 2016
22:00 to 03:00
Electronic, Drone, Ambient & Avant-Garde
other shows

Vic HenneganHuman SearchSpace and ShadowsSelf Release22:05:00
Third Coast Percussion/Steve ReichMallet Quartet: I. FastThird Coast PercussionCedille22:18:50*
Third Coast Percussion/Steve ReichMallet Quartet: II. SlowThird Coast PercussionCedille22:25:28*
Third Coast Percussion/Steve ReichMallet Quartet: III. FastThirCedille22:28:47*
Uma SilbeyHeartfeltAltered StatesArio Audio22:33:20
CosmonauttransferDeep Space 1Deep SpaceSelf Release22:37:18
CosmonauttransferDeep Space 2Deep SpaceSelf Release22:44:11
Within ReasonShores of SymmetryFarshadowAnodize25:50:51
AmbientiumFrozenFall EPMindspring Music23:01:28
Ensemble WienParadies Soiree Waltze, Op. 52Joseph Lanner: Dance Music from Old ViennaNaxos23:04:21
Ryan HuberAntumTachtInam Records23:12:39*
Crystal DreamsBright Yellow StormTea DronesBuddhist On Fire23:16:47
AeonicsIO 2.3iBeyond TimeVirtual23:25:39
The LoomA Grand Solar MinimumThe Tree Hates the ForestViktoriapark23:29:19
Port SaidIndian Voyage, Part 2Through VeilsAnodize23:36:12
Deep Chill NetworkGondwanaAntarticaDark Duck Records00:01:45
AsuraXP ContinuumCode EternityInfinium Records00:09:37
Oblivious SolitudeTides of SaturnLost SummerOrbifold Records00:18:47
Howard Givens & Craig PadillaOpening to New PerspectivesLife Flows WaterSpotted Peccary00:35:47
Forrest FangBogThe Sleepwalkers OceanProjekt Records00:54:55
Secret PyramidHer SpiritsThe Silent March/Movements of NightStudents of Decay01:01:03
Klaus SchulzeI Was Dreaming I was Awake and Then I Found Myself Asleep 1La Vie Electronique 1Revisited Records01:07:52
Klaus SchulzeI Was Dreaming I was Awake and Then I Found Myself Asleep 2La Vie Electronique 1Revisited Records01:14:50
Klaus SchulzeI Was Dreaming I was Awake and Then I Found Myself Asleep 3La Vie Electronique 1RE01:24:04
Jim OttawayVoice of PleiadesOrionSelf Release01:32:13
Wil BoltonBlackpointUnder A Name That Hides HerHibernate01:42:31
Anders JorgensonSpace HockeyGreatest HitsSynGate Records01:48:43
Steve RoachFirelightEmotions RevealedProjekt Records01:59:34
Stomu YamashtaTouched!Sea & SkyKuckuck02:25:49
WordclockFever of Our WaitingSelf Destruction ThemesCryo Chamber02:35:10
Erik WolloMonumentImages of LightOrigo Sound02:43:14
Erik WolloReturnImages of LightOrigo Sound02:48:05
Erik WolloString FlowImages of LightOrigo Sound02:52:41