Not Truth, But Effect

with KPC

Special Vinyl-Only Edition!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2016
20:00 to 01:00
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Gramma's BoyfriendI forgot! & white splash vinyl
Freelove FennerDr. D and his artist friendDo not affect a breezy mannerFixture2013
Great ThunderLadysmith's breaking pointGroovy kinda loveSalinas2013
Girls NamesThird Uncle"The New life" (12" ep)Tough Love/Slumberland2013...white vinyl
Daylight RobberyChildrenAccumulated errorDeranged2015*
Wild MothInto your handsOver, againAsian Man2013...white vinyl
Broken WaterHigh-loWroughtNight People2015
WireMap Ref. 41N 93W154Warner Bros.1979R
Merchandise feat. Dum Dum GirlsRed sun"Red sun"/"Echo" (7" single)Sub Pop2015*
Tuff LoveSweet discontentJunk (10" ep)Lost Map2015...white vinyl
Radiator HospitalCut your bangsTorch songSalinas2014
ExhaustionPhased out"Phased out" (12" single)12XU2015
The Living EyesEconomy firstThe Living EyesAnti Fade2013...solid yellow vinyl
The GloomiesLSD"LSD" (7" ep)Thrill Me2015...clear aqua vinyl
GOGGSBilly is a runaway"She got harder"/"Billy is a runaway" (7" single)In The Red2016...Iggy Pop cover*
Chastity BeltBlack sailNo regertsHelp Yourself2013...clear gold vinyl
Banque AllemandeSchlaf an einem anderen tagWillst du Chinese seinS-S2012
David BowieHelden"Heroes/Helden/Heros" (12" single)RCA1977
Chupa CabraMy girl"My girl"/"Sides of my skull" (7" single)Too Pure2016...clear orange vinyl*
Deaf WishI traded youDeaf WishRadio Melbourne2007...clear green vinyl
PalehoundMollyDry foodExploding In Sound2015...solid light green vinyl*
Mock & ToofDigit 1RVNG Of The Nerds vol. 3 (12" ep)RVNG INTL2007
The PassionsSuspicionMichael & MirandaFiction1980
PsychemagikDreams (Crystal visions remix)Psychemagik/Red Ken (split 12" single)FleetMacWood2012
ViolensSo hard to seeTrueSlumberland2012
The Vryll SocietyCoshhPangea (12" ep)Deltasonic2016*
Land Of BingoBottle it in"Bottle it in" (10" ep)Peski2011
The Magnetic FieldsI thought you were my boyfriend"I thought you were my boyfriend" (12" single)Nonesuch2004
Holly HerndonChorus"Chorus"/"Voice" (12" single)RVNG NL2014
PrinceFeel u up (long stroke)"Partyman"/"Feel u up" (12" single)Warner Bros.1989....picture disc (pink Batman signal on black background on this side/Pic of Prince as Two Face on the other side)
King Sound QuartetI want toThe Get-down imperative (12" ep)In The Red1997...Ray Charles cover
HaybabySharksSleepy kidsTiny Engines2015...white vinyl
Soft PackFuture rockDeath threat rebate (Extinction ep) (10" ep)Merok2009
The OriellesJust like glue"Space doubt"/"Just like glue" (7" single)HES2015
Dead HeavensFeel low"Feel low"/"I'm so green" (7" single)Thrill Me2016...solid purple vinyl*
The OrangeNo reason to hideFruit salad lives (12" ep)Flying Nun1986
Gang Of FourWe live as we dream, aloneSongs of the freeWarner Bros.1982R
Expert AlterationsVenetian blindsExpert Alterations (12" ep)Slumberland2014
The Ghost EaseCanineQuit yer job (7" ep)Cabin Games2015
Miracle FortressHanky panky nohow"Have you seen in your dreams"/"Hanky panky nohow" (12" single)Secret City2007...John Cale cover
MtskiFrancis foreverBury me at Makeout CreekDouble Double Whammy2014...white vinyl
Naked LightsOn natureOn natureCastle Face2016...clear green & solid grey vinyl*
Bad GuysWitness a new lowBad GuysRiot Season2013
WivesUnequalDevoted to youNo Patience/Mass Media2016*
LiteraturePortable headsplit 7" ep (w/Expert Alterations)Square Of Opposition2015...clear gold vinyl
No NegativeFeel itThe Good never comesPsychic Handshake/Swollen City2015*
MuerteDe Noche en la cuidadMuerteCIntas Pepe/SPHC/Cabeza De Vica2015*
TerryTalk about Terry"Talk about Terry" (7" ep)Upset! The Rhythm2015...white vinyl...members of Dick Diver & Constant Mongrel
MELKBELLYPiss wizard"Bathroom at the beach"/"Piss wizard" (7" single)Automatic Recordings2016...solid brown vinyl*
Veronica FallsCome on overVeronica FallsSlumberland2011
Hurry UpKick em outHurry UpArmy Of Bad Luck2015...white vinyl...ex-Bangs*
High DiveThe Right words to sayNew teethSalinas2015*
VexxSleeping in the atticGive and take (7" ep)Katorga Works2015*
Mad SceneSuzyBlipSiltbreeze2012
Pete AstorThe Getting thereSpilt milkSlumberland2016...milk white vinyl*
Talking HeadsTelevision man (extended mix)"Road to nowhere"/"Television man" (12" single)EMI1985
PavementAngel Carver blues/Mellow jazz docentPerfect sound forever (10" ep)Drag City1990
Dead BodLife's outDead Bod (7" ep)Menial Fare2015*
Spider FeverDon't straySpider FeverWindian2012
Buffalo ToothSpace polygamyGardeners of the devil's lettuceCaptcha2015...white vinyl with black & blue splash
Wolf PeopleCotton strandsTidingsJagjaguwar2010
Shoppers[iv]Silver yearDrugged Consrience/Feeble Minds2011
Mors OntologicaLazarusDon't cryVery Small Science2005
SpoonboyWhen you were sweetsplit 12" (w/Colour Me Wednesday)Lauren2014...clear blue vinyl
SnobDeath erection"Quit your job" (7" ep)s/r2015*
Thee ArcadiansMCIIIWe have come for your parentsFeeding Tube2015*
Tropical TrashKnowingUFO RotLoad2015