Not Truth, But Effect

with KPC

Special Vinyl-Only Edition!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2016
20:00 to 01:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Gramma's Boyfriend I forgot! Perm Graveface & white splash vinyl
Freelove Fenner Dr. D and his artist friend Do not affect a breezy manner Fixture 2013
Great Thunder Ladysmith's breaking point Groovy kinda love Salinas 2013
Girls Names Third Uncle "The New life" (12" ep) Tough Love/Slumberland 2013...white vinyl
Daylight Robbery Children Accumulated error Deranged 2015 *
Wild Moth Into your hands Over, again Asian Man 2013...white vinyl
Broken Water High-lo Wrought Night People 2015
Wire Map Ref. 41N 93W 154 Warner Bros. 1979 R
Merchandise feat. Dum Dum Girls Red sun "Red sun"/"Echo" (7" single) Sub Pop 2015 *
Tuff Love Sweet discontent Junk (10" ep) Lost Map 2015...white vinyl
Radiator Hospital Cut your bangs Torch song Salinas 2014
Exhaustion Phased out "Phased out" (12" single) 12XU 2015
The Living Eyes Economy first The Living Eyes Anti Fade 2013...solid yellow vinyl
The Gloomies LSD "LSD" (7" ep) Thrill Me 2015...clear aqua vinyl
GOGGS Billy is a runaway "She got harder"/"Billy is a runaway" (7" single) In The Red 2016...Iggy Pop cover *
Chastity Belt Black sail No regerts Help Yourself 2013...clear gold vinyl
Banque Allemande Schlaf an einem anderen tag Willst du Chinese sein S-S 2012
David Bowie Helden "Heroes/Helden/Heros" (12" single) RCA 1977
Chupa Cabra My girl "My girl"/"Sides of my skull" (7" single) Too Pure 2016...clear orange vinyl *
Deaf Wish I traded you Deaf Wish Radio Melbourne 2007...clear green vinyl
Palehound Molly Dry food Exploding In Sound 2015...solid light green vinyl *
Mock & Toof Digit 1 RVNG Of The Nerds vol. 3 (12" ep) RVNG INTL 2007
The Passions Suspicion Michael & Miranda Fiction 1980
Psychemagik Dreams (Crystal visions remix) Psychemagik/Red Ken (split 12" single) FleetMacWood 2012
Violens So hard to see True Slumberland 2012
The Vryll Society Coshh Pangea (12" ep) Deltasonic 2016 *
Land Of Bingo Bottle it in "Bottle it in" (10" ep) Peski 2011
The Magnetic Fields I thought you were my boyfriend "I thought you were my boyfriend" (12" single) Nonesuch 2004
Holly Herndon Chorus "Chorus"/"Voice" (12" single) RVNG NL 2014
Prince Feel u up (long stroke) "Partyman"/"Feel u up" (12" single) Warner Bros. 1989....picture disc (pink Batman signal on black background on this side/Pic of Prince as Two Face on the other side)
King Sound Quartet I want to The Get-down imperative (12" ep) In The Red 1997...Ray Charles cover
Haybaby Sharks Sleepy kids Tiny Engines 2015...white vinyl
Soft Pack Future rock Death threat rebate (Extinction ep) (10" ep) Merok 2009
The Orielles Just like glue "Space doubt"/"Just like glue" (7" single) HES 2015
Dead Heavens Feel low "Feel low"/"I'm so green" (7" single) Thrill Me 2016...solid purple vinyl *
The Orange No reason to hide Fruit salad lives (12" ep) Flying Nun 1986
Gang Of Four We live as we dream, alone Songs of the free Warner Bros. 1982 R
Expert Alterations Venetian blinds Expert Alterations (12" ep) Slumberland 2014
The Ghost Ease Canine Quit yer job (7" ep) Cabin Games 2015
Miracle Fortress Hanky panky nohow "Have you seen in your dreams"/"Hanky panky nohow" (12" single) Secret City 2007...John Cale cover
Mtski Francis forever Bury me at Makeout Creek Double Double Whammy 2014...white vinyl
Naked Lights On nature On nature Castle Face 2016...clear green & solid grey vinyl *
Bad Guys Witness a new low Bad Guys Riot Season 2013
Wives Unequal Devoted to you No Patience/Mass Media 2016 *
Literature Portable head split 7" ep (w/Expert Alterations) Square Of Opposition 2015...clear gold vinyl
No Negative Feel it The Good never comes Psychic Handshake/Swollen City 2015 *
Muerte De Noche en la cuidad Muerte CIntas Pepe/SPHC/Cabeza De Vica 2015 *
Terry Talk about Terry "Talk about Terry" (7" ep) Upset! The Rhythm 2015...white vinyl...members of Dick Diver & Constant Mongrel
MELKBELLY Piss wizard "Bathroom at the beach"/"Piss wizard" (7" single) Automatic Recordings 2016...solid brown vinyl *
Veronica Falls Come on over Veronica Falls Slumberland 2011
Hurry Up Kick em out Hurry Up Army Of Bad Luck 2015...white vinyl...ex-Bangs *
High Dive The Right words to say New teeth Salinas 2015 *
Vexx Sleeping in the attic Give and take (7" ep) Katorga Works 2015 *
Mad Scene Suzy Blip Siltbreeze 2012
Pete Astor The Getting there Spilt milk Slumberland 2016...milk white vinyl *
Talking Heads Television man (extended mix) "Road to nowhere"/"Television man" (12" single) EMI 1985
Pavement Angel Carver blues/Mellow jazz docent Perfect sound forever (10" ep) Drag City 1990
Dead Bod Life's out Dead Bod (7" ep) Menial Fare 2015 *
Spider Fever Don't stray Spider Fever Windian 2012
Buffalo Tooth Space polygamy Gardeners of the devil's lettuce Captcha 2015...white vinyl with black & blue splash
Wolf People Cotton strands Tidings Jagjaguwar 2010
Shoppers [iv] Silver year Drugged Consrience/Feeble Minds 2011
Mors Ontologica Lazarus Don't cry Very Small Science 2005
Spoonboy When you were sweet split 12" (w/Colour Me Wednesday) Lauren 2014...clear blue vinyl
Snob Death erection "Quit your job" (7" ep) s/r 2015 *
Thee Arcadians MCIII We have come for your parents Feeding Tube 2015 *
Tropical Trash Knowing UFO Rot Load 2015