Noises That You Don't Mind

with Bobby

Sunday, February 21, 2016
01:00 to 03:00
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modern baseballtwo good thingsyou're gonna miss it alllrun for cover
mittenfieldsgoliath FTWthe fresh sumself
the lotus eatersfallingfalling EPharriet
le pepesanother j in the letter chainall fun things endkittridge
the pharmacydig your graavedig your gravekind turkeynot a typo, the song has two a's and the album title only has one... ??????????
ponysoft johnny7'?
oxford collapseland!some wildernesskanine
pantherslegally tenderthings are strangevice
smashing pumpkinsi am one7"limited potentialDEBUT 7" on vinyl
the lonely featherspope john paulhind hind legsequator
love of everythingnothing left to usesuperior mold and dierecord label
screaching weaselshanging aroundwigglelookout
le nombrej'ai besoin d'un appareilstblow the fusewow this is awesome
jacuzzi boysdouble visionsthardly art
lawrence armsrecovering the opposable thumboh! calcutta!fat
the krunchiesyour wordsin de winkelcriminal iq
j churchwe play secular musicthe horror of lifeno idea
parasolnone to sparenot therenervous nelly
less than jakegood time for change pesto 7"too many
no means nowake upall roads lead to ausfahrt?
lyncelectricityremembering the fireballs (part 8)troubleman unlimited
la seralosing to the darkhour of the dawnhardly art
knapsacktrue to form7"alias
guerilla tossrealistic rabbitflood doseddfa*
the white octavechinese charactersplit 7"tritone
jose gonzalezwith the ink of a ghostvestiges: claws
julien bakerblacktopsprained ankle6131*
bowiestarman2012 remasterR
field musicthe noisy days are overcommontimememphis industries*