Backspace Century

with DJ Grain Silo

Tuesday, February 9, 2016
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
C.A. Quintet Underground Music Trip Thru Hell 1969
Running Wake Up Applauding Wake Up Applauding 2016 *
Blood Sport Reflective Orange Axe To The Root 2016 *
Grisly Fiction Colours Scrape Face 1989
Unwound Nervous Energy Fake Train 1993
Jefferson Airplane We Can Be Together live 2/4/70 Wally Heider Studios
Stack Waddy Mystic Eyes s/t 1971, orig. by Them
Dinosaur Jr. Poledo You're Living All Over Me 1987
My Bloody Valentine To Here Knows When Loveless 1991
Deerhunter Wash Off Fluorescent Gray 2007
Pylon Weather Radio Gyrate Plus 1980
The Au Pairs Stepping Out Of Line Sense & Sensuality 1982
Television Personalities Geoffrey Ingram And Don't The Kids Just Love It 1980
Crushed Butler Factory Grime Uncrushed 1969
Rat Columns Fooling Around s/t 2015
Sealings White Devil I'm A Bastard 2015
Deaf Wish Sunset's Fool Pain 2015
Grass Widow Under The Atmosphere Internal Logic 2012
Beat Happening Nancy Sin Look Around 1991 *
Kitchen's Floor Bitter Defeat Battle Of Brisbane 2015
UV Race Unknown Pleasures Racism 2012
Joy Division Insight Peel Session 1979
Slowcoaches 54 We're So Heavy 2015
Glazer Saccharin Glazer 2014, the bass player is a WPRB DJ
Feels Tell Me s/t 2016 *
Feature Psalms Culture Of The Copy 2015
Destroy All Monsters Bored single 1978
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments My Mysterious Death (Turn It Up) Bait And Switch 1995
New York Dolls Private World s/t 1973
Great Plains Letter To A Fanzine Length Of Growth 1981-1989 1987
Electric Eels Agitated Die Electric Eels 1978
Volcano Suns White Elephant All-Night Lotus Party 1986
Big Dipper Faith Healer Supercluster: The Big Dipper Anthology 1987
U.S. Maple Magic Job Long Hair In Three Stages 1995
The Scissor Girls The Sequential We People Space With Phantoms 1996
The Flying Luttenbachers Death Ray Revenge Of The Flying Luttenbachers 1996
Lake Of Dracula Plague Of Frogs s/t 1997
The Frogs Hades High School Death Songs 1982
My Dad Is Dead Talk To The Weatherman ...And He's Not Gonna Take It Anymore 1986
Edith Frost Walk On The Fire Telescopic 1998
The Clean Platypus Anthology 1981
Salem 66 Lemon Rind s/t 1984
Rule Of Thirds Fingerprints s/t 2015