with NICKY

big blasting for emotions, politics, feminism, anti injustice, and all other blasting

Saturday, February 6, 2016
20:00 to 22:00
big blasting
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
Envy Your Shoes and the World To Come All The Footprints You've Ever Left and Fear Expecting Ahead H.G. Fact 2001
Urge Overkill Ticket to LA Americruiser / Jesus Urge Superstar Touch and Go 1990
The Cats Stuck Relax On Everyone Manondor 2015
The Breeders Divine Hammer Last Splash 4AD 1993
Soccer Team Best Employed New Beau Real Lessons In Cynicism Dischord 2016 *
Tochigi Come Back to Me Sleeping Cat s/r bandcamp 2015 *
Untamed Youth Mailbox Jamboree Planet Mace Estrus Records 1998
Running Reclaimed Would Wake Up Applauding Castle Face 2016 *
Midwives Back in the Saddle Again Cowboy Songs Dusty Medical 2016 *
Dag Nasty One to Two Can I Say Dischord 1986
Reg Bloor Little Miss Steel Valley Theme From an Imaginary Slasher System Neutralizers 2016 *
detached objects Hay Maker s/t Gilgongo 2015
R.L. Kelly See You Soon THE LE SIGH VOL. 1 Bird Tapes 2013 C
Julien Baker Everybody Does Sprained Ankle 6131 *
Vick Logic girlcrush verse chorus verse Dead Beat 1997
Strapping Field Hands He's Right In the Pineys Old Age No Age 1995
The Apples in Stereo Signal in the Sky Heroes and Villains: Music Inspired By the Powderpuff Girls Rhino 2000 C
Perfect Pussy Advance Upon The Real Say Yes to Love Captured Tracks 2014
AVAIL sidewalk Live at the Kings Head Inn old glory 1996
The Urinals teach me to crawl What is Real + What is Not Warning Label 2003
FEATURE Mannequin (Wire Cover) Tourists EP Tie Dye Tapes 2014
Feels Tell Me s/t Castle Face 2016
ˇTomar Control! Equilibrio Lo que llevamos dentro s/r bandcamp Lima, Peru 2015
Fuerza de Voluntad Raices II 2005 Split
Incendiary The Power Process Cost of Living 2013
Brujeria La Ley de Plomo Razia odiada R
Reagan Youth Jesus Was a Communist A Collection of Pop Classics Vol II New Red Archives
Profile Lapdog 2015 Promo Laying Waste Records
Glazer The Door s/t s/r bandcamp 2015
Most Secret Method inch split with the dusters dischord 1997
Rumores La Peni Demo 2010` s/r bandcamp 2014
Lungfish Descender Talking Songs For Walking Dischord 1992
Superchunk Like a Fool Foolish Merge 1994