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with A Really Good Guy

Tuesday, February 2, 2016
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments Request
C.A. Quintet Underground Music Trip Thru Hell 1969
Jefferson Airplane Let's Get Together Takes Off 1966, orig. by Chester Powers
Jefferson Airplane Goodbye To Signe 1 / Chauffeur Blues Live At The Fillmore Auditorium 10/15/66 (Late Show - Signe's Farewell Chauffeur Blues, originally performed by Memphis Minnie, was Signe's signature song with the Airplane, so much so that during Grace Slick's tenure with the band she (Grace) never sang it.
Jefferson Airplane High Flyin' Bird / Goodbye To Signe 2 Live At The Fillmore Auditorium 10/15/66 (Late Show - Signe's Farewell orig. by Billy Edd Wheeler
Quicksilver Messenger Service Gold And Silver s/t 1968
Ford Theatre Jefferson Airplane Time Changes 1969
Neighb'rhood Childr'n Long Years In Space s/t 1968
Ed Askew Blue Eyed Baby For The World 2013
Wand Melted Rope Golem 2015
The United States Of America The Garden Of Earthly Delights s/t 1968
Blues Creation Atomic Bombs Away Demon & Eleven Children 1971
Bent Wind Mystify Sussex 1969
Jefferson Airplane Today Surrealistic Pillow 1967, written by Paul Kantner and Marty Balin, Jerry Garcia on lead guitar
Jefferson Airplane Martha / Wild Tyme (H) After Bathing At Baxter's 1967
Paul Kantner + Grace Slick + David Freiberg Ballad of The Chrome Nun Baron Von Tollbooth & The Chrome Nun 1973
The Passion Flower Hotel Singing In Circles s/t 1980
Nick Nicely 49 Cigars single 1982
Bobb Trimble Night At The Asylum Iron Curtain Innocence 1980
Jimi Hendrix Lover Man Live at the LA Forum 1970 R
The Charlatans When I Go Sailin' By single 1969 R
Egg Bulb Egg 1970
Gilgamesh Just C s/t 1975
Kak Everything's Changing Kak-ola 1969
Thunder And Roses White Lace And Strange King Of The Black Sunrise 1969
Traffic Dear Mr. Fantasy Mr. Fantasy 1967 R
Breakthru' Ice Cream Tree single 1968 R
The Electronic Hole Love Will Find A Way I s/t 1970
Jefferson Airplane Crown Of Creation Crown Of Creation 1968
Jefferson Airplane Volunteers Volunteers 1969
Jefferson Airplane The Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil / A Small Package Of Value Will Come To You Shortly / Young Girl Sunday Blues After Bathing At Baxter's 1967
Weed Weed Weed 1971
Joseph Stone Age Man Stoned Age Man 1970
Exuma You Don't Know What's Going On s/t 1970
The Plastic Cloud Shadows Of Your Mind s/t 1968
Power Of Zeus In The Night The Gospel According To Zeus 1970
Mark Fry The Witch Dreaming With Alice 1972
Jefferson Airplane Wooden Ships 30 Seconds Over Winterland 1972
Jefferson Airplane 3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds Live At The Fillmore Auditorium 10/15/66 (Late Show - Signe's Farewell <3 Signe Anderson and Paul Kantner <3