Music With Space

with Michael Hunter

Music for the space between your left and right ears

Friday, January 29, 2016
22:00 to 02:00
Electronic, Drone, Ambient & Avant-Garde
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Port Said Asian Twilight Eve of Departure Anodize 22:04:00
Thomas Fanger The Land of Milk and Honey Parlez-vous Electronique Manikin Records 22:08:01
Ryan Huber Tuileries Astor Inam Records 22:23:00 *
Green Isac Orchestra Emmesity Green Isac Orchestra Spotted Peccary 22:28.15
Emerald Web Through A Portal We Pass Catspaw Anodize Records 22:34:29
Alessandro Cortini Nebbia Forse 1 Important Records 22:50:08
Olan Mill Gurriva Cavade Morlem Dronarivm 22:56:54
Fatal Tangent The Unspoken Truth Cenotaph Anodize 23:01:02
Wil Bolton Limestone Inscriptions Dronarivm 23:07:17
p0stm0rtem Until the Sky Falls Apart Eye Am Nothing Self Release 23:20:19 *
M. Ostermeier Parity Still Tench Records 23:35:19 *
Errant Space Standing Waves Sones De Meubles Modernes Self Release 23:38:18
God Body Disconnect The Reflection Tower Dredge Portals Cryo Chamber 23:51:26
M. Ostermeier Statis Still Tench Records 00:01:00 *
Elliot Sharp Jack Quartet Parts 1 The Boreal Starkland Records 00:06:20 *
Elliot Sharp Jack Quartet Part 2 The Boreal Starkland Records 00:10:28 *
Elliot Sharp Jack Quartet Part 3 The Boreal Starkland Records 00:15:01 *
Elliot Sharp Jack Quartet Part 4 The Boreal Starkland Records 00:18:01 *
The Pool Place in the Sun +333 Anodize 12:21:13
Manish Vyas Bhakti (Edit 1) Atma Bhakti New Earth Records 00:25:19
The Loom Emerald Suite The Tree Hates the Forest Viktoriapark 00:31:20
Irfan Hagia Sophia Seraphim Prikosnovénie 00:39:35
Steve Roach Spiral Passage Live in Tucson - Pinnacle Moments 02-14-2015 Timeroom Editions 00:50:17
Anders Jorgensen Tsing Tao Greatest Hits SynGate 01:04:18
Port Said Opium Wars Through Veils Anodize 01:13:49
Chuck van Zyl Memory in Stone Memoryspace Synkronos Music 01:20:51
Chuck van Zyl Momento Mori Memoryspace Synkronos Music 01:34:21
Vangelis Main Titles Blade Runner Atlantic 01:39:03
Vangelis End Titles Blade Runner Atlantic 01:42:36
Tuu Present In the Falling Rain Invocation: Archive Hic Sunt Leones 01:49:49
Terry Furber Frozen Wasteland single, not on an album Self Release 01:53:16
The Electric Golem What Watson Doesn't Know Sky Snails Periphery 02:01:48
Taylor Deupree Seep Landing Room40 02:18:27
Takashi Suzuki Resonance in Blue 1 Resonance Self Release 02:24:33
Simon Lomax Somtimes I disappear 5 Textures Self Release 02:28:54
Solaris Hour of the Wolf The Waves Of Evernow Numero Group 02:38:19
Shannon Hayden Sketching in a Lonely Park Solid State Cello Self Release 02:47:14
Secret Pyramid Escape (Fade Out) Movements of Night Students of Decay 02:49:41
Scott Smallwood Wind Tunnels Desert Winds - Six Windblown Sound Pieces and Other Works Deep Listening 02:55:02