Modernity Leave

with Sophia (Young Werther)

west coast

Thursday, January 28, 2016
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Label New Request
Mosquito Ego U.F.O 7'' (no label)
Jack Starr Born Bad Born Petrified Norton
L? Thu Sao Bi?n (Etoile Des Neiges) (Starfish) Saigon R & S Sublime Frequencies
The Unusuals Because of Love 7'' (no label)
Altaikai Spring Water XXI Century (no label)
Front End Remember (Walking In The Sand) cover 7'' (no label)
Beach Bullets Sob Story We Rule The Universe Manufactured *
Four Gods Enchanted House 7'' Manufactured *
Black Seeds Go Outside In The Radin East of Underground Now-Again
Chosen Gospel Singers Prayer For The Doomed 7'' Speciality
Ismail Haron & The Guys You Keep Me Hanging On Let's A Go-Go! Silver Tortoise
Bruce Springsteen Dancing In The Dark 12'' CBS R
Loner Sometimes ? ?
Scene Creamers Enter The Judge Part 2 I Suck On That Emotion Drag City
Kimihide Kusafuka Be vulnerable Re-Musik Stock Und Hut Kassetten
The Inner-Rhythm Choir 500 Miles Do Remember Me (no label)
The Mighty Hannibal Trying To Make It Through MRC MRC
Duane Eddy with Lee Hazelwood Girl On Death Row Why Must I Die?
Sugar Cane What You Do To Me HPP
Romeo & The Poet Don't Be A Playgirl HPP
Mystic 5 Wondering 7'' Mystic
The Pawnshop My Shade The Telegraph Is Calling Roman
Harry Thumann Sphinx Andromeda Hansa
LRD ????? (Deeper Than Night) Mizutani 2 Rvisita
David Bowie DJ Lodger RCA R
Oby Onyioha Here We Are I Want To Feel Your Love Time
Ad-Libs Human 7'' AGP
Howard Nishioka I'm A Pilgrim Street Songs Big Pink
Ignatz The Dreams II K-RAA-K