blues, bop & beyond

with will constantine jr

Thursday, January 14, 2016
11:00 to 14:00
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P.D.Q. BachCanatata: "Iphigenia in Brooklyn"The Dreaded P.D.Q. Bach Collection, The Complete Vanguard Recordings, volume 1VanguardReleased in 1996.
Don Cherry1) Tantra (2) Mali Doussin'gouni (3) DesirelessRelativity SuiteJCOAA 1973 date.
Don CherryManhattan CrySymphony for ImprovisorsBlue NoteRecorded on September 19, 1966.
Henry Threadgill ZooidIn for a Penny, in for a Pound (opening)In for a Penny, in for a PoundPI RecordingsA 2014 date.*
Amir ElSaffar Two Rivers EnsembleThe Great DictatorCrisisPI RecordingsRecorded in 2015.*
David S. Ware / ApogeeCryBirth of a BeingAUM FidelityA 1977 date, newly mixed and reissued in 2015.*
Don CherryUntil the Rain ComesMultiKultiA&M RecordsReleased in 1990.
Tatsuya NakataniTrack 4GongNakatani-KoboA 2015 release.*
Roy Campbell Pyramid TrioHeavenly AscendingEthnic Stew and BrewDelmarkReleased in 2001.
Chocolate ArmenterosMontuno CalienteChocolate en SextetoCaiman RecordsA 1983 release.
Chocolate ArmenterosRitmo de mi SonCongo to CubaPutumayo RecordsReleased in 2002. C
Chico AlvarezVal' CarreteroCongo to CubaPutumayo RecordsA 2002 release. C
Alfredo ValdezCanto a la VueltabajeraCongo to CubaPutumayo RecordsReleased in 2002. C
Eddie PalmieriComparsa de los LocosVamanos Pa'l MonteFania RecordsA 1971 release.
Kip HanrahanSugar's Theme (Look, the Moon...)Pinero (original music from the soundtrack)American ClaveReleased in 2004.
Arsenio RodriguezNo Me Llores MasCon su ConjuntoMusica Latina NostalgiaRecorded between 1946-1949.
Charlie PalmieriChocolateVuelve El GiganteAllegre1973