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Artist Song Album Label Comments
Brian Eno Dead Finks Don't Talk Here Come The Warm Jets Island 1974; solo debut
Gary Numan Slowcar To China Dance Beggars Banquet 1981; 5th studio album & 3rd under his own name
Dali's Car His Box The Waking Hour Beggars Banquet 1984; only album of English post-punk band Dalis Car, the side project of Peter Murphy of Bauhaus and Mick, Karn of Japan, named for a Captain Beefheart song.
Pierrot Lunaire Gudrun Gudrun IT Records 1976; Avant-prog/Progressive folk band from Italy. Two albums were released: a self-titled one in 1974 and Gudrun in 1976.
Tortoise Gigantes Beacons Of Ancestorship Thrill Jockey 2009; Chicago; STAY TUNED FOR A TORTOISE TICKET GIVEAWAY TODAY BEFORE 7 PM ON THIS PROGRAM!
Make A Rising Hi Vibrating Life Wounded Fhealer Series: Part One 2014; Philly-L.A.
Cheer-Accident I Don't Want It Back Fades Chicago
Mogollar Hicaz Mandira Mogollar 1976; Turkish; ("Mongols" in Turkish) is one of the pioneer bands in Turkish rock music for about 40 years and one of the founders of Turkish folk rock (or Anatolian rock).
Michael Cole and Michael Jessett with Rick Jones Fingerbobs Theme Fingerbobs BBC1 "Fingerbobs" was a British children's television programme made by the BBC in 1972. Only 13 episodes were ever made. The show was created by Joanne and Michael Cole, who also created "Bod." Presented by mime artist "Yoffy" (played by Canadian actor Rick Jones), each ten-minute episode told a story centred on a paper finger puppet animal and usually involved collecting various items (such as pebbles or feathers) to make up another object at the end. The finger puppets, each of whom had their own song, included: Fingermouse - a mouse, consisting of a grey paper cone head with paper ears and whiskers with a grey glove for the body ("Fingermouse, Fingermouse/I am a sort of wondermouse"). Fingermouse later got his own show, with a new puppeteer, called "The Music Man". The Music Man would tell stories involving Fingermouse, using musical instruments. Gulliver - a seagull made from a white ping-pong ball (head) placed over a thumb and white gloves forming the body with outstretched fingers as the wings. ("I spread my wings.") Scampi - several scampi were made using purple gloves with red heads on each finger Flash - a tortoise, with a paper shell. ("Slowly, steadily, I move at my own pace/They call me Flash though I won't dash/Who wants to run a race?")
Erkin Koray Aska Inanmiyorum Same-Istanbul Turkish singer-songwriter, guitarist and one of the pioneers of Anatolian rock. Koray has been in the Turkish rock music scene since the late 1950s or early 1960s. He is widely acclaimed as being the first person to ever play rock and roll in Turkey; in 1957, he and his band gained fame by playing covers of Elvis Presley and Fats Domino. He was also one of the first Turkish musicians to embrace the electric guitar and modern amplification. By the late 1960s, he had become a major figure in Turkish psychedelic music and Anatolian Rock, beginning with his first psychedelic single Anma Arkadaş in 1967. Koray followed this with a number of singles, both by himself and in collaboration with others, that established him as a force to be reckoned with on the Turkish rock scene. Koray became a controversial figure in Turkey during the 1960s/70s; he was actually assaulted in Istanbul, and on one occasion stabbed, for having long hair.
Momus Smooth Folk Singer Folktronic 2001
The Meters Oh, Calcutta! Look-Ka Py Py Josie Records 1969; 2nd studio album from this pioneering, mostly instrumental funk group
Tortoise Penumbra Beacons Of Ancestorship Thrill Jockey 2009; Chicago
Michael Cole and Michael Jessett with Rick Jones Enoch Makes The Wheel Fingerbobs BBC1
Mogollar KarS?k? Yayla Mogollar
Angelo Michajlov Divka Na Kosteti Saxana - The Girl On The Broomstick Finders Keepers Dívka na koštěti or The Girl on the Broomstick is a 1972 Czechoslovak fantasy-comedy film directed by Václav Vorlíček. It tells a story of a teenage witch, Saxana (played by Petra Černocká), frozen in time as a punishment for 300 years, who finds herself in a modern world. A sequel was released in 2011.
Uz Jsme Doma Nemilovany Zvet Nemilovany Zvet ("Unloved World") Skoda Records 1992; Czech Republic; progressive rock band from Prague, Czech Republic, who originally formed in the Czech border town Teplice in 1985.
Etron Fou Leloublan Hors De Son Monde Face Aux Elements Dechaines RecRec Music 1985; (French for "Crazy Shit, The White Wolf" or "Mad Shit, the White Wolf") French avant-garde rock band founded in 1973 by actor and saxophonist Chris Chanet. They recorded five studio albums between 1976 and 1985, and released a live album, En Public Aux Etats-Unis d'Amérique recorded during a tour of the United States in 1979. Etron Fou Leloublan were best known as one of the five original Rock in Opposition (RIO) bands that performed at the first RIO festival in London in March 1978. Etron Fou Leloublan's music has been described as a blend of punk rock, jazz, French music hall, comedy satire and "avant-garde mayhem"
Raymond Scott Powerhouse The Music Of Raymond Scott: Reckless Nights And Turkish Twilights Evokes cogs in a machine. Bugs Bunny and a baby crawling on construction site girders in Looney Tunes
Ananda Shankar Streets Of Calcutta Ananda Shankar Reprise 1970; Bengali musician best known for fusing Western and Eastern musical styles
Uz Jsme Doma Polykat Hollywood Skoda Records 1993
Snakefinger What Wilbur? Chewing Hides The Sound Ralph 1979; 2nd album; Philip Charles Lithman, who performed under the stage name Snakefinger, was an English musician, singer and songwriter. A multi-instrumentalist, he was best known for his guitar and violin work and his collaborations with The Residents
Stalins of Sound Rules for Your Mouth Tank Tracks Slovenly 2014
Krokofant Polyfant Krokofant Rune Grammofon 2014