The Sprawl

with Mickey

Episode 201: FZ:75 Part 1

Monday, December 21, 2015
19:00 to 02:00
other shows

frank zappapeaches en regaliahot ratsbizarre1969
frank zappa & the mothersmystery roach/dance of the rock & roll interviewers200 motelsunited artists1971
frank zappa & the mothersbig swifty (live)you can't do that on stage anymore vol. 1ryko1973/1988 C
frank zappatheme from run home slow/original duke of prunesmystery discbarking pumpkin1963/1985 C
the mothers of inventioncall any vegetable/invocation & ritual dance of the young pumpkin/soft-cell conclusion & ending of side #1absolutely freeverve1967
frank zappa & the grand wazoopenis dimension (live)/variant 1 processional march (live)wazoovaulternative1972/2007
frank zapparegyptian strutsleep dirtdiscreet1975/1979
the mothersi'm the slimeover-nite sensationdiscreet1973
frank zappasharleenachunga's revengebizarre1970
frank zappa & the royal philharmonic orchestrasemi-fraudulent/direct-from-hollywood overture (excerpt)200 motelsunited artists1971 elgar howarth, conducting
frank zappa & ensemble modernget whitey (live)the yellow sharkbarking pumpkin1992/1993 peter rundel, conducting
the mothers of inventionholiday in berlin, full blown/aybe seaburnt weeny sandwichbizarre1968/1970
frank zappanaval aviation in artorchestral favoritesdiscreet1975/1979
frank zappanavanaxcivilization phaze IIIbarking pumpkin1993/1994
the mothers of inventiontoads of the short forestweasels ripped my fleshbizarre1968-9/1970
frank zappathe way i see it, barry/duodenumlumpy gravyverve1967/1968
the mothers of inventionlove of my lifecruising with ruben and the jetsverve1968
the mothers of inventionwho are the brain police?freak out!verve1966
the mothers of inventiondog breath, in the year of the plagueuncle meatbizarre1969
the mothers of inventionwhat's the ugliest part of your body?/absolutely free/flower punkwe're only in it for the moneyverve1968
frank zappawhat ever happened to all the fun in the world/rat tomago (live)sheik yerboutizappa1977-8/1979
the mothers of inventionlater that nightcruising with ruben and the jetsverve1968
frank zappajazz from helljazz from hellbarking pumpkin1986
the mothers of inventionzolar czakluncle meatbizarre1969
frank zappathat ol' g minor thing againguitarbarking pumpkin/ryko1982/1988 C
frank zappafive-five-FIVE/hog heavenshut up 'n play yer guitarbarking pumpkin1979-80/1981 C
frank zappamanx needs women (live)/the black page drum solo (live)/the black page #1 (live)/the black page #2 (live)zappa in new yorkdiscreet1976/1978
the mothers of inventionuncle meat: main title themeuncle meatbizarre1969
frank zappa & captain beefheartlost in a whirlpoolthe lost episodesryko1958-9?/1996 bobby zappa, rhythm guitar. fcc clean. C
frank zappaexcerpt from "the uncle frankie show"mystery discbarking pumpkin1963/1985 C
frank zappacharvathe lost episodesryko1963/1996 C
"frankie zappo" & corsa, w/ mcthe village inn/steal awaymystery discbarking pumpkin1963?/1985 C
frank zappa & the mothersvillage of the sun/echidna's arf (of you)/don't you ever wash that thing? (live-ish)roxy & elsewherediscreet1973/1974
frank zappacocaine decisionsthe man from utopiabarking pumpkin1983
frank zappa & ensemble modern9-8 objectseverything is healing nicelyumrk1991/1999
the mothers of inventioncharles ives (live)you can't do that on stage anymore vol. 5ryko1969/1992 C
the mothers of inventionsleazette (live)finer momentszappa1969/2012 C
frank zappa & the mothersapproximate (live)you can't do that on stage anymore vol. 2: the helsinki concertryko1974/1988 C
frank zappaalien orificefrank zappa meets the mothers of preventionbarking pumpkin198?/1985
frank zappa & the mothers w/ captain beefheartdebra kadabra (live-ish)/carolina hardcore ecstasy (live)bongo furydiscreet1975
frank zappablack napkins (live)/the torture never stopszoot allureswarner bros.1976
frank zappatime is moneysleep dirtdiscreet1975/1979
frank zappa & ray collinsfountain of lovethe lost episodesryko1963/1996 C
the mothers of inventionchocolate halvah (live)you can't do that on stage anymore vol. 5ryko1969/1992 C
frank zappa & ensemble modernt'mershi duweeneverything is healing nicelyumrk1991/1999
frank zappagoblin girlyou are what you isbarking pumpkin1981
frank zappa & captain beefheartthe grand wazoothe lost episodesryko1969-92/1996 C
frank zappadrowning witch/envelopesship arriving to late to save a drowning witchbarking pumpkin1982
frank zappa & ensemble modernbe-bop tango (live)the yellow sharkbarking pumpkin1992/1993
frank zappa & the motherspenguin in bondage (live-ish)/pygmy twylyte (live-ish)roxy & elsewherediscreet1973/1974
frank zappacity of tiny lites (live-ish)sheik yerboutizappa1978/1979
the mothers of inventiontiny sick tears (live)you can't do that on stage anymore vol. 4ryko1969/1991 C
frank zappababy snakes/tryin' to grow a chin (live-ish)sheik yerboutizappa1978/1979
the mothers if inventioni'm not satisfiedfreak out!verve1966
frank zappaa pig with wingscivilization phaze IIIbarking pumpkin1993/1994
the motherslittle house i used to live in (live)/the mud shark (live)/what kind of girl do you think we are? (live)fillmore east, june 1971bizarre1971
frank zappa & the mothersdaddy, daddy, daddy200 motelsunited artists1971 fcc clean
frank zappa & the mothers of inventionevelyn, a modified dog/san ber'dinoone size fits alldiscreet1975
the mothersdirty loveover-nite sensationdiscreet1973
frank zappakeep it greasy (live)fz:ozvaulternative1976/2002
frank zappamudd clubyou are what you isbarking pumpkin1981
the mothersshe painted up her face suite (live)you can't do that on stage anymore vol. 6ryko1971/1992 C
frank zappabamboozled by love (live)tinsel town rebellionbarking pumpkin1979/1981 fcc clean, y'all
the motherssmell my beard/the booger man (live)you can't do that on stage anymore vol. 4ryko1974/1991 C
the mothers of inventionsqueeze it, squeeze it, squeeze it (live)finer momentszappa1969/2012 C
the mothers of inventionright there (live-ish)you can't do that on stage anymore vol. 5ryko1969/1992
frank zappasy-borg (VERY brief excerpt)joe's garage acts II & IIIzappa1979 1st 2 minutes. long before the blowjobs start.
frank zappapackard goosejoe's garage acts II & IIIzappa1979 fcc clean, yo
frank zappawild love/yo' mama (live-ish)sheik yerboutizappa1978/1979
frank zappa & the mothersmagic fingers200 motelsunited artists1971