Music With Space

with Michael Hunter

Music for the space between your left and right ears

Saturday, December 19, 2015
00:00 to 03:00
Electronic, Drone, Ambient & Avant-Garde
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
Green Isac Orchestra Emmesity Green Isac Orchestra Spotted Peccary 12:06:00
Yannick Dauby A1 La Rivi?re Pench Kalerne 12:11:52
Irfan Salome Irfan Prikosnov?nie 12:24:49
Yannick Dauby B3 La Riviere Penchee Kalerne 12:29:03
Stormu Yamash'ta Whisper In - Zen Music, Volume. 1 Self Release 12:40:55
Stormu Yamash'ta The Shadow of Love In - Zen Music, Volume. 1 Self Release 12:41:33
The Loom The Vedic Ritual The Tree Hates the Forest Viktoriapark 12:44:47
Wordclock 32 Walls Self Destruction Themes Cryo Chamber 12:53:10
Worms of the Earth Disgraced at The Foot Of The Throne Of God Azal'ucel Self Release 12:59:17
Worms of the Earth Two Hundres Years Beneath The Frozen Lake Azal'ucel Self Release 01:07:43
Worms of the Earth Wandering Cadaverous Fields Toward The Citadel At Topheth Azal'ucel Self Release 01:14:32
Bola Amnion Soup Skam Records 01:22:55
Radiant Mind Inner Dimension Sence Periphery 01:32:17
Martin Nonstatic Distance B Granite Ultimae Records 01:40:23
Urenga Pacific Depths Pacific Depths gterma 01:47:03
Max Richter Path 19 (yet frailest) From Sleep Deutsche Grammophon 01:58:58
David Cross & Robert Fripp Starless Starlight Loops Starless Starlight Noisy Records 02:06:39
Robert Fox Paths of Change Into The Light AD Music 02:18:04
Stratosphere Endless Despair Aftermath Projekt Records 02:26:42
Akashic Crow's Nest Prospecting Drone Mining Off-World Webbed Hand 02:36:24
Erik Wollo Echotides No.6 Echotides EP Projekt Records 02:47:36
Anders Jorgenson The Good, The Bad and The Modular Greatest Hits SynGate Records 02:51:24
Scott Lawlor Unquiet Spirits Crossing the Rubicon Unquiet Spirits Crossing the Rubicon Self Release 03:13:08
Grove of Whispers Abandon Normal Devices Abandon Normal Devices Self Release 04:30:02