All Things Dismissed

with Not Steve Drummond

Holidays Dismissed

Wednesday, December 2, 2015
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request
Miguel what's normal anyway Wildheart december 2 is a normal day
Ximena Sarinana Normal Mediocre a Normal song from a Mediocre album.... there are tens of spanish language "normal songs"
Grimes laughing and not being normal Art Angels something to do on days that are not normal maybe
Perfume Genius Normal Song Put Your Back N 2 It days that are not december 2 maybe
Flogging Molly Drunken Lullabies Drunken Lullabies the same old mess again R
Johnny Polygon Normal The Nothing v normal
Arcade Fire Normal Person Reflektor if this day was a person that was a song it would be this person song
Addams Family One Normal Night The Addams Family this song could be about tonight if it wasn't about the plot of the addams family musical
Casual Spent Casual v casual R
Queens of the Stone Age Regular John Queens of the Stone Age regular like the cycle of day and night
T-Pain Regular Girl rEVOLVEr a regular girl like jamie lee curtis
Shamir On the Regular On the Regular on the 2nd of december
Lemon Demon Jaws Nature Tapes this one's for you Laos R
Obie Trice Average Man Cheers no pressure, Obie, it's an average kind of day
Kaiser Chiefs Everything is Average Nowadays Yours Truly, Angry Mob preach
Kendrick Lamar Average Joe Overly Dedicated v average
Charlie Farley Average Joes Hog Heaven who is this for? who listens to this? average joes
Rick Ross, Nas Usual Suspects Deeper than Rap this is not unusal
Ataah King The Usual Reignsound this is very usual in fact
Ground Up, Chill Moody The Usual Incomparable as is this one
Wilco More... Star Wars these songs have names that are not festive *
Alex G Walk Beach Music the most everyday way of walking *
Hierophants Nothing Neu Parallax Error ja, so ist es *
Nine Inch Nails Everyday is Exactly the Same Everyday is Exactly the Same yeah, so it is R
Wale No Days Off Ambition 1
Fetty Wap, Monty No days Off Fetty Wap 2
G-Unit No Days Off T.O.S. 3
The Diplomats No Days Off Dipset- More than Music 4
Beleaf Take No Days Off Red Pills + Black Sugar 5 (there are many more but the quality goes down with each additional song)