with manual defiant

Sunday, November 29, 2015
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Label
john cage sonata vIII sonatas & interludes for prepared piano .
frank zappa feeding the monkies at ma maison . .
henry cowell ostinato pianissimo . .
karlheinz stockhausen tierkreis 12 melodies for music boxes excerpt . .
pierre henry veil of orpheus . .
pink floyd heartbeat pigmeat dark side of the moo .
iannis xenakis hibiki-hana-ma . .
philip glass victor's lament north star .
vladimir ussachevsky/otto luening low speed tape music an historic concert .
frank zappa buffalo voice feeding the monkies at ma maison .
michel philippot study panorama of musique concrete no.2 .
robert fripp 1986 let the power fall .
henk badings arioso danse sacrale .
brian eno my squelchy life nerve net .
cristobel halffter ricercar para organo . .
aphex twin computer controlled acoustic instruments pt.2 excerpt . .
alwin nikolais lythic choreosonic music of the new dance theatre of .
henry kaiser king of the wild frontier devil in the drain .
frank zappa secular humanism feeding the monkies at ma maison .
frederic pattar chaman for harp & electronics . .
philip jeck the station view cardinal touch
paul dibley organ grinder . .
kip rosser lessons from vinegar mother excerpt . .
post-trend universe kairos all because of you {version} .
oneohtrix point never intro/ezra garden of delete warp
arca mutant excerpts . .