Backspace Century

with Johannes de Silentio

Saturday, November 14, 2015
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
jennylee never single 2015 *
Deerhunter Duplex Planet Fading Frontier 2015 *
Can Future Days Future Days 1973
Comets On Fire Jaybird Avatar 2006
Chastity Belt Joke Time To Go Home 2015
Acid Baby Jesus All Of Your Love Selected Recordings 2014
Car Seat Headrest Sunburned Shirts Teens Of Style 2015 *
Galaxie 500 Parking Lot Today 1988
Strange Lost Translucent World 1973
Tortoise Gamera Millions Now Living Will Never Die 1996
The Kinks Two Sisters Something Else 1967
Neu Neuschnee 78 Neu! 2 1973
Bardo Pond Tommy Gun Angel Lapsed 1997
My Bloody Valentine All I Need Isn't Anything 1988
Duster Get The Dutch Contemporary Movement 2000
Beach Fossils Twelve Roses s/t 2010
Nico Frozen Warnings The Marble Index 1970
Atlas Sound + Laetita Sadier Quick Canal Logos 2009
Crime & The City Solution Six Bells Chime Room Of Lights 1986
This Mortal Coil Another Day It'll End In Tears 1984
Slapp Happy Casablanca Moon s/t 1974
Gilberto Gil Domingou s/t (Frevo Rasgado) 1968
Relatively Clean Rivers Babylon s/t 1976
Dead Meadow Greensky Greenlake s/t 2006
Syd Barrett Golden Hair The Madcap Laughs 1970
Mary Lattimore Pluto The Planet The Withdrawing Room 2013
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Careen Euclid 2015
Disco Inferno Summer's Last Sound Summer's Last Sound EP 1992
When Footsteps Psychedelic Wunderbaum 1998
The Residents Another Land Mark Of The Mole 1981
Loren Connors Mother & Son Hell's Kitchen Park 1993
Stars Of The Lid A Meaningful Moment Through A Meaning (Less) Process And Their Refinement Of The Decline 2007
Les McCann Compared To What Swiss Movement 1969
Mountebank Rarest At Sunset 2011
Katie Dey Don't Be Scared asdfasdf 2015 *