with Aida

Friday, November 6, 2015
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Comp
Buzzcocks Boredom Spiral Scratch EP 1977
Video New Immortals The Entertainers 2015 *
Institute Perpetual Ebb Catharsis 2015 *
Corners Buoy Maxed Out on Distractions 2014
The Gardens All Smiles Over Here :) Haha 2015 *
Dark Thoughts The Sound 7" 2015
Downtown Boys Wave of History Full Communism 2015
Glenn Branca The Spectacular Commodity The Ascension 1981
No Babies One Size Fits All Yo No Soy Como Tu 2015 *
Band of Susans Pursuit of Happiness Love Agenda 1989
Soft Shoulder Wyld Parrots Stair 2015 *
Friction Automatic Fru Friction 1980, JAPAN
Ex-Girl Tofu Song Revenge Of Kero Kero 2000, JAPAN
BU LI Foam of the Daze Shining BU LI 2001, JAPAN
The Clicks Reticent Boy, Talkative Girl Come To Vivid Girl?s Room 2004, JAPAN
Aunt Sally フランクに Aunt Sally 1979, JAPAN
Shonen Knife An Angel Has Come Minna Tanoshiku 1982, JAPAN, cassette, only 70 were made, the band put kiss marks on the sleeve!
Jona Parzen-Johnson I Keep Thinking Sit Down Remember When Things Were Better Tomorrow 2015 *
Bass Tone Trap Rare & Racy Trapping 1984
James White The Devil Made Me Do It James White's Flaming Demonics 1983
Boytronic Trigger Track Bryllyant 2015, orig. 1989 *
D.A.F. Der Mussolini Alles Ist Gut 1981
Sylvi Foster Hookey (Vocal) 12" 1982
Donna Summer I Feel Love 7" 1977
Hugh Le Caine Dripsody Electronic Music 1967 C
Systematics International Voltage My Life In The Field Of Cows 1982
Phaidia Dead End Love In The Dark 1985, JAPAN
!Action Pact! Gothic Party Time Bully Boy Version EP 1983
Bauhaus Dark Entries 7" 1980
Xmal Deutschland Poralicht Viva 1987
Soko Who Wears The Pants My Dreams Dictate My Reality 2015
Geneva Jacuzzi The Sleep Room Rat Killer 2008
Olivia Neutron John Death/Tango 7" 2013
Deux Game and Performance Felicita 1985
Lena Platonos Markos Gallop 2015, orig. 1985 *
Circuit 7 Russian Roulette Video Boys 2009, orig. ????
Fad Gadget Life On the Line Under the Flag 1982
Flowers in the Dustbin The Reason Why Nails of the Heart 1985
Psychic TV And The Angels Of Light Godstar 12" 1985
Siouxsie and the Banshees Dazzle 7" 1984
Lowlife Ramified Swirl, It Swings 1987
Good Life Neu! Neu! 4 1995