the worried waltz

with papier-mache lady in a wooden chair

Sunday, October 25, 2015
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Label
john cage sonata vII sonatas & interludes for prepared piano .
pierre schaeffer etude aux chemins de fer adventures in sound .
pierre schaeffer etude aux tourniquets . .
pierre schaeffer etude violette . .
pierre schaeffer etude noire . .
pierre schaeffer pathetique . .
pierre henry classical tam tam IV panorama of musique concrete no.2 .
pierre henry film music astrology . .
pierre henry serial essays antiphony . .
pierre henry vocalises . .
vladimir ussachevsky wireless fantasy ohm early gurus of electronic music .
luc ferrari etude aux accidents musique concrete .
tod dockstader apocalypse part 2 . .
f.b.mache terre de feu 2nd version . .
raymond scott manhattan research inc. excerpts . .
john cage imaginary landscape no.5 early electronic & tape music .
lasry-baschet rapsodie de budapest les structures sonores .
walter carlos dialogues for piano & 2 loudspeakers electronic music .
olly w. wilson cetus electronic music vol.IV .
peter klausmeyer cambrian sea electronic msuic vol.V .
ilhan mimaroglu prelude no.1 for magnetic tape . .
alwin nikolais eruptions & evolvements choreosonic music of the new dance theatre .
richard maxfield pastorale symphony electronic music .
vaclav nelhybel nebulae outer pace music .
daphne oram stroke the oram tapes vol.1 .
tomm dissevelt/kid baltan sincopa el fascinante mundo de la musica electronica .
john baker the vendetta tapes excerpts . .
bernard parmegiani incidences/resonances de natura sonorum .
sounds of the junk yard . . .
jean guerin tacet excerpt . .
brian eno/david byrne mea culpa my life in th ebush of ghosts .
savant using words artificial dance .
boyd rice/frank tovey easy listening for the hard of hearing excerpt . .
frank zappa g-spot tornado jazz from hell
yasuaki shimizu tachikawa music for commercials .
crescent electronic sound constructions desert rose . .
frank zappa civilization phaze III excerpt . .
colleen a bear is trapped et les boites a musique .
oneohtrix point never chrome country r plus seven .
aphex twin syro excerpt . .
the stranger watching dead empires in decay excerpt . .
frank zappa wolf harbor II dance me this .
donato dozzy the loud silence the loud silence .
philip jeck cardinal excerpt . .