Not Truth, But Effect

with KPC

Saturday, October 24, 2015
19:00 to 01:00
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Uncle AcidThe Night creeperThe Night creeperRise Above2015*
Wild MothSilver/ThinnerInhibitorIron Pier2015...clear vinyl w/white splash*
LowWhat part of meOnes and sixesSub Pop2015*
GOATIt's time for fun"It's time for fun"/"Relax" (7" single)Sub Pop2015*
SwirliesPancakeBlonder tongue audio batonTaang!1993R
Uranium OrchardWinded/This so-called near futureLithophane GeishaCaesar Cuts2015
EZTVTrampolineCalling outCaptured Tracks2015*
PeacersKick on the planePeacersDrag City2015*
The ByrdsEverybody's been burnedYounger than yesterdayColumbia1967
Richard PapiercutsYolandaA Sudden shiftPena2012
Don CaballeroFire back about your new baby's sexAmerican DonTouch & Go2000
Sauna YouthCreepingDistractionsUpset! The Rhythm2015*
Sonny & The SunsetsThe ApplicationTalent night at the ashramPolyvinyl2015*
Expert AlterationsThree signsExpert Alterations (1-sided 12"ep)Slumberlandorig. 2014 (s/r cassette only)/2015 reissue*
Blank DogsLanguagesLand and fixedCaptured Tracks2011
FreakapussVenus flytrap jungleNew 12st Century dimensionM'Lady's2015*
King Khan & The ShrinesLuckiest manIdle no moreMerge2013
Strange WildsPareidoliaSubjective conceptsSub Pop2015*
Charles HowlI love you 47Sir vicesAmple Play2015
GuardsI know it's youIn Guards we trustBlack Bell2013
StripminersSheep killing dogsStripminersComm31988
Yo La TengoThe Crying of Lot GAnd then nothing turned itself inside outMatador2000R
Little John RocketAt an end"Basement" epFramingo2008
Dismemberment PlanWhat da you want me to say?"What da you want me to say?"/"Since you died" (7" single)DeSoto1997
The TrapsBeer pinataBoom pow awesome wowCastle Face2014
Smart Went CrazyCon artCon artDischord1997
ElectrelaneGone darkerAxesToo Pure2005
Ravi ShaviAccidentalRavi ShaviAlmost Ready2015*
SavagesHusbandsSilence yourselfMatador2013
WireAttractive spaceChange becomes usPink Flag2013
Taiwan Housing ProjectWhite frostedThree song record (7" ep)M'Lady's2015*
Total BabesCirclingHeydaysWichita2015*
The RaydiosIrritaterOriginal demo recordingsScreaming Apple1998
Gray MatterI am the walrusFood for thought/Take it backDischord1985
Spray PaintRest versus rustClean blood, regular acidMonofonus Press2014
Ebsen & The WitchLight streamsViolet criesMatador2011
The Hidden CamerasBan marriageThe Smell of our ownRough Trade2003
PoopshovelAfrican beesOpus lengthemusComm31989
GrandaddyJed the humanoidThe Sophtware slumpV22000
Nothing PeopleIn the cityNothing PeopleS-S2009
The Julie MittensDecember 12 2006The Julie MittensHoly Mountain2008
The LodgerThe Back of my mindFlashbacksSlumberland2010
The VerlainesJesus what a jerkSome disenchanted eveningFlying Nun/Homestead1990
The MindersRed busHooray for TuesdayspinART1998
TarGilbetsToastTouch & Go1993
Rose WindowsThe ShroudThe Sun dogsSub Pop2013
Field MusicIn contextTones of townMemphis Industries2007
Winter HoursThe Confessional"The Confessional" (12" ep)Link1986
Jens LekmanThe End of the world is bigger than loveI know what love isn'tSecretly Canadian2012
Mecca NormalNaked and ticklishEmpathy for the evilM'Lady's2015*
The PostmarksNine million rainy waysBy-the-numbersUnfiltered2008...The Jesus & Mary Chain cover
LunaSweet child o'mineThe Days of our nightsSire1999...GNR cover
Gel SetDouble visionHuman saladMoniker2015...solid pink splash vinyl*
Pink SkullItchy womanZeppelin 3Free News2008
The ConceptGimme twiceGimme twice eps/r2012
Nous Non PlusL'AmantNous Non PlusAeronaut2006
Los CampesinosYou! Me! Dancing!Hold on now youngsterArts & Crafts2008
Mars OntologicaDemon incubatorDon't cryVery Small Science2005
SlintRhodaGlen/RhodaTouch & Go1994
Spacemen 3DriveBig CityBMG1991
Russian CirclesYoungbloodStationSuicide Squeeze2008
New Order, feat. La RouxTutti fruttiMusic completeMute2015*
More Dead CopsBorn to dieMore Dead CopsBoner1982/1988 (comp released)
Jenny HvalKingsizeApocalypse, girlSacred Bones2015*
Matthew Shipp Quartet Delcared EnemyNew tensionOur lady of the flowersRogueart2015*
RatatatDriftMagnifiqueXL Recordings2015*
Shannon & The ClamsYou let me rustGone by the dawnHardly Art2015*
MC5Future/NowHigh timeAtlantic1971
Wild RiceStone fenceSourlands/r2015*
Tijuana PanthersRight and wrongPosterInnovative Leisure2015*
Sigur Rosuntitled 1( )Fatcat2002