Not Truth, But Effect

with KPC

Saturday, September 26, 2015
22:00 to 01:00
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Anna Calvi I'll be your manAnna CalviDomino2011
The EstrangedSacred decaySinglesHG Fact2008/comp released 2009
The EmbarrassmentSex drive"Patio set"/"Sex drive" (7" single)Big Time1980
Thee TsunamisDummySaturday night sweetheartMagnetic South2015*
Eleventh Dream DayCheap gasolineWorks for tomorrowThrill Jockey2015*
Thee Oh SeesWithered handMutilator defeated at lastCastle Face2015*
The ImprobablesGiving you a key"Bad vibrations"/"Giving you a key" (7" single)Hidden Volume2014...solid blue vinyl*
WandDungeon dropper1000 DaysDrag City2015*
TrioTutti fruttiTrio and errorMercury1983...Little Richard cover
Hooton Tennis ClubP.O.W.E.R.F.U.L. P.I.E.R.R.E.Highest point in cliff townHeavenly2015*
Fiery FurnancesDuplexes of the deadWidow cityThrill Jockey2007
Cherie CherieDown down downC'mon let's share (12" ep)Gilgongo2015*
The Modern LoversI'm straightThe Modern LoversBeserkley1976
MantisWho wants to be a camel?"Who wants to be a camel?"/"Sand sand sand regaliar" (7" single)Drag City1992
CrocodilesDon't look upBoysZoo Music2015*
The #1sBoy"Sharon shouldn't" (7" ep)Alien Snatch/Sorry State2013
The Mooney SuzukiAll the evils of this worldFields & streamsKill Rock Stars2002 C
DestroyerDream loverPoison seasonMerge2015*
Los ConejosWalking on a wireCaos finalAgainst You/Discos Subterraneos/Discos Enfermos/Muerte A Tipo2015...from Spain*
AlgiersBlack eunuchAlgiersMatador2015*
Broken WaterBeachWroughtNight People2015*
Du BlondeAfter the showWelcome back to milkMute2015*
Julia HolterBetsy on the roofHave you in my wildernessDomino2015*
Young ManNothingIdeas of distancefrenchkiss2011
84 NashCould this be loveA Secret rewardInsect Siren2002
The StentsNobody loves the Hulksplit 7" (w/The Improbables)Hidden Volume2015...The Traits cover...clear red vinyl*
HelenVioletThe Original facesKranky2015*
TenementForeign phrasePredatory headlightsDon Giovanni2015*
Middle EdgeThe Pressure"Emotion freeze"/"The Pressure" (7" single)Balloon On The Pin2015...from Japan*
Deaf WishOnPainSub Pop2015...from Australia*
LouderGet outLouderSorry State2014...clear vinyl
The CortinasTelevision familiesPunk rock anthologyAnagram1977/comp. released 2010
White ReaperI don't think she caresWhite Reaper does it againPolyvinyl2015*
Black TimeThe Days are too long and the nights are too shortDouble negativeIn The Red2008
The PheromonesDavy CrockettThe Phabulous PheremonesGypsy Moth1985
Rozi PlainRed dotFriendLost Map2015*
Soft ShoulderStuck insideA 4-way split 7" (w/Orange Coax, No Babies & Busy Lights)Gilgongo2015*
BanksSomeone newGoddessHarvest2014
Notic NasticStupid happyIt's dark but it's okayShitatapult strike2010
PrinceHardrockloverHITnRUN phase oneNPG2015*
Blackalicious, feat. Lateef, Lyrics Born, Monophonics & Dj D SharpAlpha and omegaImani, vol. 1OGM Recordings2015*
Mazzy StarGive you my lovin'She hangs brightlyCapitol1990