Transitional Soundscapes

with DJ TM5

Alas the Wumpscut bread machine is shaped like a W

Wednesday, April 13, 2005
01:00 to 04:00
electronic / industrial
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
Angels And Agony One s/t s/t
Terminal Choice No Chance ( Anger Version ) Club Bizarre 1 SPV C
Din Fiv Through The Looking Glass Escape To Reality s/t
Imperative Reaction Predicate Eulogy For The Sick Child Pendragon
Projekt 2501 Damage Done Interbreeding 4 Gefahrlich BLC local philly based group C
Jack Dangers Annihilating Rhythm Loudness Clarifies Important Mr Meat Beat Manifesto *
Gang Gang Dance "track 3" Gods Money The Social Registry *
Switchblade Symphony Clown Kindred Spirits Bedazzled C
Advent Sleep In The Name Of God Egos & Eros Pink Cathedral Record
Apparat Komponent Rmx by Telefon Tel Aviv Silizium EP Shitkatapult * R
Rusuden Soft Launch West 4 East Volume 1 Unschooled * C
Lanes Test Pilot Smoke And Mirrors Andrei Terskikh *
B12 Telephone 529 Electro-Soma Warp weekly allowance of B12 LOL
Yendri Inside The Machine ( 2nd mix ) Club Bizarre 1 SPV C
John Serrie Outreach Flight Path Miramar
Charles Atlas Signaldrift Fabricate s/t
VNV Nation Standing ( Motion ) s/t s/t R
VNV Nation Legion s/t s/t R
The Rolling Scabs We're The Scabs 4 song EP Awesome stuff
Ministry Breathe The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste Warner Brothers oh what a transistion
Jessica Vale Boy In Black The Sex Album *
DACM Marie Stereotypie Asphodel *
Kerrier District Silhouettes Kerrier District Rephlex Records *
Wagon Christ Piano Playa Hata Tally Ho! Astralwerks
Clapan Shopping Cart remix MIAD Somia * C
Ulrich Schnauss On My Own A Strangely Isolated Place Domino
Phasade Inside A Slaves Song Phasade *
The Cure Want Wild Mood Swings Elektra
Gridlock Frantic ( Stark- Raving Mad ) The Synthetic Form Pendragon R
Echoboy Sudwestfunk no.5 v/a Novamute C
Decoded Feedback Burn Europe Burn Shockwave Metropolis