with Aida

Friday, September 18, 2015
19:00 to 22:00
Goth, industrial, synth, post punk
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Artist Song Album Comments
Urusei Yatsura Lum's Love Song Urusei Yatsura JAPAN, 1981
The Flamenco A Go Go Cool Baby Slut Benten Bentoh JAPAN, 1994
Sunnychar La-vi, ,La-vi Complete Collection JAPAN, 1998
Tiroleantape Chapter 4 Bumble Gum Blows The First Session with Tiroleantape Chapter 4 JAPAN, 2000
Shonen Knife A Day At The Factory Burning Farm JAPAN, 2005
変身キリン 椅子 変身キリン JAPAN, 2003
Laughin' Nose 聖者が街にやってくる Indie Omnibus '81-85 JAPAN, 1991
Teengenerate Dressed In Black Get Action! JAPAN, 1994
Gasoline Nobody Can Tell Us Gasoline JAPAN, 1997
Guitar Wolf Teenage UFO Jet Generation JAPAN, 1999
Jet Boys Let's Rock Teenage Thunder revisted JAPAN, 1992
Morio Agata Submarine 乗物図鑑 JAPAN, 1980
Funeral Party Double Platonic Suicide Dream of Embryo JAPAN, 1986
Picky Picnic Aischu No Melody (The Setting Sun in Africa) Ha Ha! Tarachine! JAPAN, 1985
Keiji Haino I Said This is the Son of Nihilism I Said This is the Son of Nihilism JAPAN, 1995
Togawa Jun パンク蛹化の女 Tokyo Barbarism JAPAN, 1987
Still Sweet Warm Rain Pale Face JAPAN, 1985
ヤプーズ My God 大天使のように JAPAN, 1988
RAP Not For Sale Rapout JAPAN, 1986
Saurekeller Hiroshima 7" 1982
Snowy Red Euroshima (War Dance) The Right to Die 1982