Not Truth, But Effect

with KPC

featuring the Warped Moment o'the Week & The Nearly Forgotten Thing

Saturday, September 5, 2015
22:00 to 01:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Cowbell Cry wolf Skeleton soul Damaged Goods 2014
Mikal Cronin Say MCIII Merge 2015 *
Abjects Gone "Gone" (12" ep) Stolen Body 2015...clear blue vinyl *
The Estranged Don't they know Static thoughts Dirtnap 2008
Swiftmuz Taste the gray Everybody loves Chris Melters 2015 *
Hang Time Awesome/Rad Hang Time Kilby 2013
Cowbell Cry wolf Skeleton soul Damaged Good 2014
Wild Moth V/Hello, star Inhibitor Iron Pier 2015...clear splash vinyl *
Mi Ami Echonoecho Watersports Quarterstick 2009
Tropical Trash Fat kid wig UFO rot Load 2015 *
Glazer Carried away Glazer Home Video 2015
Mr. Airplane Man All alone Red lite Sympathy For The Record Industry 2001
Luna 23 Minutes In Brussels Penthouse Elektra 1995
Radioactivity Battered Silent kill Dirtnap 2015 *
The Mountain Goats Damn these vampires All eternals deck Merge 2011
Potty Mouth The Bomb Potty Mouth ep Planet Whatever 2015 *
John Fox & The Maths, feat. Gazelle Twin Changelings Evidence Metamatic 2012
AC/DC T.N.T. (warped) Warped Moment o'the Week (w/beats courtesy of 3rd Bass)
Sauna Youth Try to leave Distractions Upset! The Rhythm 2015 *
Ravi Shavi Local news Ravi Shavi Almost Ready 2015 *
DeRobert & The Half-Truths The Dole, pt. 2 I'm tryin' G.E.D. Soul 2014
The Galaxy Trio Conquistador Saucers over Vegas Estrus 1994
Hideout Changing us all Rookie Thrill me 2015...solid pink vinyl *
Ex Models 3 Weeks split ep (w/The Seconds) My Pal God 2002
Edmund Sylvers Holdin' back Have you heard Casablanca 1980...Nearly Forgotten Thing
Discodeine, feat. Kevin Parker Aydin Swimmer Pschent 2013 *
Valet Child Nature Kranky 2015 *
Digital Leather Box of metal emotions split 12" (w/The Hussy) Southpaw 2015...white vinyl
Gem Club Acid and everything Acid and everything s/r 2010
The Hussy You know Galore Southpaw 2015 *
The Dwight Tilley Band Livin' in the city "Firefly"/"LIviin' in the city" (7" single) Hozac recorded 70s/80s/released 1993/new reissue *
Darker My Love Claws & paws Darker My Love Dangerbird 2006
Rozwell Kid Kangaroo pocket Too shabby Broken Woirld 2014
Tape Tum Crabp The Night we called it a day Kimi/Debonair 2010
Year Of Glad Turn Year Of Glad Forward Fast 2015 *
The White Wires All night long III Dirtnap 2012
Zen Guerilla Black-eyed boogie Trance states in tongues Sub Pop 1999
Crocodiles Kool TV Boys Zoo Music 2015 *
Woolen Kits Back to you Four girls Trouble In Mind 2012
The Achtungs I don't care about you Welcome to hell (12" ep) Going Underground 2015 *
Timber Timbre Beat the drum slowly Hot dreams Arts & Crafts 2014
Wicked Lady The Axeman cometh The Axeman cometh Guerssen 1969/comp. released 2012
Naked On The Vague Black lettuce Heaps of nothing Siltbreeze 2010
Honeybunch Tapeworm Time trials, 1987-1995 Summershine 1994.comp. released 1995
Summer Camp Horizon Bad love Moshi Moshi 2015 *
Evans The Death Just 60000 more days til I die Expect delays Slumberland 2015