Not Truth, But Effect

with KPC

featuring the Warped Moment o'the Week & The Nearly Forgotten Thing

Saturday, September 5, 2015
22:00 to 01:00
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Mikal CroninSayMCIIIMerge2015*
AbjectsGone"Gone" (12" ep)Stolen Body2015...clear blue vinyl*
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SwiftmuzTaste the grayEverybody loves ChrisMelters2015*
Hang TimeAwesome/RadHang TimeKilby2013
CowbellCry wolfSkeleton soulDamaged Good2014
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AC/DCT.N.T. (warped)WarpedMoment o'the Week (w/beats courtesy of 3rd Bass)
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Ravi ShaviLocal newsRavi ShaviAlmost Ready2015*
DeRobert & The Half-TruthsThe Dole, pt. 2I'm tryin'G.E.D. Soul2014
The Galaxy TrioConquistadorSaucers over VegasEstrus1994
HideoutChanging us allRookieThrill me2015...solid pink vinyl*
Ex Models3 Weekssplit ep (w/The Seconds)My Pal God2002
Edmund SylversHoldin' backHave you heardCasablanca1980...Nearly Forgotten Thing
Discodeine, feat. Kevin ParkerAydinSwimmerPschent2013*
Digital LeatherBox of metal emotionssplit 12" (w/The Hussy)Southpaw2015...white vinyl
Gem ClubAcid and everythingAcid and everythings/r2010
The HussyYou knowGaloreSouthpaw2015*
The Dwight Tilley BandLivin' in the city"Firefly"/"LIviin' in the city" (7" single)Hozacrecorded 70s/80s/released 1993/new reissue*
Darker My LoveClaws & pawsDarker My LoveDangerbird2006
Rozwell KidKangaroo pocketToo shabbyBroken Woirld2014
Tape TumCrabpThe Night we called it a dayKimi/Debonair2010
Year Of GladTurnYear Of GladForward Fast2015*
The White WiresAll night longIIIDirtnap2012
Zen GuerillaBlack-eyed boogieTrance states in tonguesSub Pop1999
CrocodilesKool TVBoysZoo Music2015*
Woolen KitsBack to youFour girlsTrouble In Mind2012
The AchtungsI don't care about youWelcome to hell (12" ep)Going Underground2015*
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Wicked LadyThe Axeman comethThe Axeman comethGuerssen1969/comp. released 2012
Naked On The VagueBlack lettuceHeaps of nothingSiltbreeze2010
HoneybunchTapewormTime trials, 1987-1995Summershine1994.comp. released 1995
Summer CampHorizonBad loveMoshi Moshi2015*
Evans The DeathJust 60000 more days til I dieExpect delaysSlumberland2015