These Vibes are too Cosmic

with Stevie

Science, Music, What have you.

Saturday, August 29, 2015
16:00 to 18:00
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hospitalityi miss your bonestroublehostess kk
Nina SimoneEveryone's Gone to the MoonBest of
ShoppingFor Your MoneyConsumer ComplaintsFat Cat
lcd soundsystemnew york, I love you but youre bringing me downsound of silverParlophone
some velvet sideloch nesskill rock starskill rock stars
girl troublewreckin' ballhit it or quit itK records
total babescirclingheydayswitchita
ali farka tourekadi kadiin the heart of the moonworld circuit
the replacementsswingin partytimrhino entertainment
hospitalityi miss your bonestroublehostess kk
i got soulandy human and the reptoidsS/TS-S Records
Desaparecidosthe underground manpayolaepitaph
red city radioan introduction of sortsthe dangers of standing stillpaper and plastick
LVL UPi feel extra naturalhoodwink'ddouble double whammy
tenementcrop circle nationpredatory headlightsdon giovanni
guantanamo baywatchjungle's too latesuicide squeeze
jack and elizasimple straightsgentle warningsmotel home
lauryn hilldo wopthe miseducation of lauryn hillruffhouse records
Titus Andronicusno future part ivThe Most Lamentable Tragedymerge*
goodnight lightssay what you wantsay what you wantS/R*
traveling wilburysmaxineunknownunknown
worriersbest case scenariocruel optimistdon giovanni
sinn sismouth & ros serey sotheathevary my lovedont think i've forgotten: cambodia's lost rock and rolldust to digital
lilly medtoro y moiwhat for?carpark records*
fischerwe are madsprings/r*
odettamuleskinner bluesodetta (7 original albums)salt & pepper
diet cigcarboardovereasyfather/daughter records
heavens to betsydonating my body to sciencecalculatedkill rockstars
slow warm deathaloneslow warm deaths/r
beach housespace songspace songsub pop