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Il Tempio delle Clessidre Verso l'alba Il Tempio delle Clessidre Black Widow 2010; Italian brutal prog; Debut album. They named themselves after the final movement of Museo Rosenbach's "Zarathustra" suite. Features the Museo Rosenbach vocalist Stefano Galifi.
Gosta Berlings Saga Sorterargatan 1 Glue Works Cuneiform Records 2011; Band's name comes from the debut novel of Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf, published in 1891. It was made into a 1924 silent film directed by Mauritz Stiller starring Greta Garbo, Lars Hanson and Gerda Lundequist. A 1925 opera I cavalieri di Ekebù by Riccardo Zandonai was also based on it.
Univers Zero Bruit dans les Murs Heatwave Cuneiform 1986; Belgian rock in opposition; 5th album; formed in 1974 by drummer Daniel Denis. The band is known for playing dark music heavily influenced by 20th century chamber music.
Tuxedomoon In a Manner of Speaking Holy Wars Crammed Discs 1985; 5th studio album; In 1977, Tuxedomoon formed out of Angels of Light, an artist collective and commune, a group in which Steve Brown was involved. He met Blaine L. Reininger in an electronic music class at San Francisco City College. Brown worked with Tommy Tadlock, of the Angels of Light, to create the final project of the class. Tadlock would go on to be Tuxedomoon's manager. Reininger and Brown started playing music together at Tadlock's house. Reininger played electronic violin and guitar. Tadlock assisted with the sound and audio. He also created tools for the band, including a "Treatment Mountain", which was a pyramid made of plywood which held all of Reininger's effects pedals.
Agentss Agentss N?o Wave: Brazil Post Punk 1982-1988 Man Recordings 2005; short-lived Brazilian new wave band formed in São Paulo in 1980, famous for their quirky science fiction-influenced visuals and lyrics which were sung in a dialect invented by frontman Kodiak Bachine called "elektrotranzlyriks" — a mixture of words in Portuguese, French, German, English and "extraterrestrial idioms". C
Tafo, featuring Nahid Akhtar Karye Pyar The Sound Of Wonder!: Finders Keepers Records / B-Music 2009; Rare electronic pop from the Lollywood (Pakistani Film Industry) vaults: 1973-1980 C
Aranis Vuur Aranis Home Records 2005; Debut of Flemish acoustic avant-rock, experimental and neo-classical chamber music group led by composer and contrabass player Joris Vanvinckenroye.
Genesis The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Charisma 1974; 6th studio album; the surreal story of a half Puerto Rican juvenile delinquent named Rael living in New York City, who is swept underground to face bizarre creatures and nightmarish dangers to rescue his brother John. Several of the story's occurrences and places were derived from Peter Gabriel's dreams. The protagonist's name is a play on his surname (Rael=Gabriel).
Il Balletto Di Bronzo Primo Incontro Ys Polydor 1972; 2nd [and final] album. Italian prog from Naples, the title of which translates to "The Bronze Ballet." They formed in the mid-1960s, and released two albums, Sirio 2222 and Ys, before disbanding in 1973.
Bryce Dessner / Bang On a Can All-Stars Maximus to Gloucester, Letter 27 [withheld] Field Recordings Cantaloupe 2015 *
Renaissance Ashes Are Burning Ashes Are Burning Harvest Records 1973
Dublin Guitar Quartet Quasi una Fantasia mvt. II - Henryk Gorecki Deleted Pieces Orange Mountain Music 2005; an Irish music group that specialises in the performance of contemporary classical music, particularly music associated with minimalist composers such as Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Arvo Pärt and Kevin Volans.The bulk of their repertoire consists of their own transcriptions of works by these composers. They have also transcribed and performed works by György Ligeti, Igor Stravinsky and Michael Nyman.
Diamanda Galas Keigome Keigome Malediction and Prayer Mute/Asphodel 1998
The Swans Our Love Lies Children of God Caroline 1987; 5th studio album
Roy Montgomery Submerged & Colourful 324 E. 13th Street #7 Drunken Fish 1999; composer, guitarist and lecturer from Christchurch, New Zealand. Montgomery's mostly instrumental solo works have elements of post-rock, lo-fi, folk and avant-garde experimentation. His signature sound might be described as atmospheric or cinematic, often featuring complex layers of chiming, echoing and/or droning guitar phrases. He is currently head of the Environmental management department at Lincoln University in New Zealand.
Roky Erickson With Okkervil River Please, Judge True Love Cast Out All Evil ANTI- Records 2010; 1st album with Roky Erickson in 14 years
The Walker Brothers The Electrician Nite Flights GTO 1978; 6th (& final) studio album together as The Walker Brothers;The Walker Brothers were an American pop group of the 1960s and 1970s, that included Scott Engel (eventually known professionally as Scott Walker), John Walker (born John Maus, but using the name Walker since his teens), and Gary Leeds (eventually known as Gary Walker).
D.A.F (Der Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) Alles Ist Gut Alles Ist Gut Virgin 1981; 3rd studio album; Album title translates to "Everything Is Fine" German electropunk/Neue Deutsche Welle band from Dusseldorf who formed in 1978
Chrome Hoof Enter the Drobe Black Gold Cuneiform Records 2013; experimental chamber rock orchestra based in London, England. The group was formed in 2000 by Cathedral bassist Leo Smee and his brother Milo Smee. Initially performing as a duo, their music was mostly electronic. Since the start, however, the group have continuously recruited new members playing various instruments. As of 2007, the group had about ten members and instruments such as saxophone, trumpet, bassoon, violin, guitars, bass and drums. Chrome Hoof's music spans several diverse music genres such as metal, electro, funk, jazz, disco and chamber music. Their music has been described as progressive, futuristic and psychedelic.
Orchestra of Spheres 2,000,000 Years Vibration Animal Sex Music Fire 2013