Scratchy Vinyl

with Tim

amoungst the waves

Saturday, August 1, 2015
20:00 to 22:00
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ken camden asleep at the wheel dream memory kranky *
no joyremember nothingmore faithfulmexican summer*
ancient sky invisible handall get out wharf cat
glazerplastic trash glazer ep home video *
kinskii feel like a f**king flower7 or 8 kill rock stars*
hop along sister citiespainted shutsaddle creek *
saturday looks good to meuntitled/meet me by the waterall your summer songspolyvinyl
metric stadium lovefantasieslast gang
m'sintro the m'smajestic
m83birds/unrecordeddead cites ,red seas - lost ghostsmute goom
all natural lemon and lime flavors your imagination turning into smallgern bladstern
beach boyswouldnt it be nice (vocals only )single 45sub pop
ian mattthewsseven bridges roadvalley hielektra
byrdswasn't born to follownotorious byrd brotherscolumbia
sadiesthe last inquisition pt vnew seasonsyep roc
pocogrand junction the first great rock festivals of the sevintiescolumbia
pocobad weatherpoco liveepic
beechwood sparksjugglers revenge once we were treessub pop
pocogood feeling to knowpoco liveepic
the sadiesnorthumberland west favorite coloursyep roc
wanda jacksongames people playlive at mr luckys /
merle haggard stealin cornthe fightn side of me - in philadelphia livecapitol
rolling stonesfar away eyesSome girls/
merle haggardokie from muskogeethe fightin side on me live n philadelphiacapitol
jerry reedlast train to clarksvillecountry stylerca C
buck owensI wouldnt live in new york city i wouldnt live in new york city capitol
merle haggardworkin man blues merle haggard and the stranglerscapitol
magic lanternfriendshipplatoonnot not from
am/fm every startthe sky is new groundpolyvinyl
ruby sunssun lake rinsed/mingus and pikefight softly sub pop