The Freeform Pathogen

with Mike Lupica

Monday, July 27, 2015
14:00 to 17:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
Negativland 180-G: A Big 10-8 Place Part 2 A Big 10-8 Place Seeland 1983
Vangelis 12 O'Clock Heaven and Hell RCA 1975
[with] Shopwell Side One Peanuts [self-released]
DJ YouTube Doubler AOL Dialup Sounds vs. Amen Breaks The Internet -- --
[with] French News Record of the Month November 1963 7"
Negativland Truth in Advertising Keep Left, Vol. 1
-- Largo Igor Stravinsky
[with] BBB Announcements Here's a Tip! WPRB Reel to Reel Archives
MTV Soundsweep Original MTV VJs --
[with] Ride of the Valkyries -- --
Negativland How Long Have You Been Waiting for U2? Fair Use
Crosley Bendix Style Over the Edge Vol. 5
Negativland Helter Stupid Helter Stupid
Negativland Gimme the Mermaid Fair Use
-- Bright! Background Music for Home Movie Vol. 2
[with] People Like Us Millenium Dome + T424PLU Recyclopaedia Britannica
[with] Negativland Moldy Bagels Over the Edge Vol. 6
Osymyso Welcome to Musicland Welcome to the Palindrome
Negativland Freedom's Waiting FREE
Negativland The Perfect Cut (Canned Music) House Arrest
The User Suite for Dot Matrix Printer --
Negativland The Greatest Taste Around Dispepsi
The Triumph of Man The Triumph of Man The Triumph of Man
Negativland Nesbitt's Lime Soda Escape from Noise
Negativland No Business No Business
Negativland Downloading No Business
Negativland Drink it Up DisPepsi
Crosley Bendix Crosely Bendix Discusses the U.S. Copyright Act Fair Use