The Sprawl

with Mickey

Episode 187: At Last... The 2014 Show

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
22:00 to 02:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
thurston moore speak to the wild the best day matador 10/20/14
tanger trio & ensemble mondaine satiesk tanger trio & ensemble mondaine series aphonos 3/4/14
kenny barron & dave holland dr. do right the art of conversation impulse! 10/14/14
sunn O))) & ulver western horn terrestrials southern lord 2/3/14
russell haswell foxy (excerpt) double a ep diagonal 10/20/14
sonny knight & his fabulous lakers cave man i'm still here secret stash 7/15/14
bowl ethereal twenty three exciter dreams bowl ethereal ep southern lord 7/22/14
pyrrhon implant fever the mother of virtues relapse 4/1/14
john zorn/abraxas celestial mechanism psychomagia tzadik 2/18/14
wold throwing star postsocial profound lore 4/29/14
teitanblood anteinfierno death norma evangelium diaboli/ajna 4/29/14
matthew mullane small tensions small body the hut variations vdsq 12/2/14
william tyler whole new dude (excerpt) lost colony ep merge 4/29/14
artificial brain brain transplant labyrinth constellation profound lore 2/18/14
wilko johnson & roger daltrey ice on the motorway going back home chess 4/2/14
iron reagan glocking out the tyranny of will relapse 9/16/14
impetuous ritual venality in worship unholy congregation of hypocritical ambivalence profound lore 4/15/14
the roots feat. mercedes martinez dies irae/the coming ...and then you shoot your cousin def jam 5/19/14
tweedy diamond light pt. 1 sukierae dbpm 9/23/14
shabazz palaces colluding oligarchs lese majesty sub pop 7/29/14
corpsessed demoniacal subjugation abysmal thresholds dark descent 2/4/14
oren ambarchi, stephen o'malley & randall dunn temporal, eponymous (excerpt) shade themes from "kairos" drag city 5/20/14
foreseen the prowler helsinki savagery 20 buck spin 11/11/14
john zorn/eyvind kang barael alastor: book of angels 21 tzadik 4/29/14
neil young since i met you baby a letter home third man/reprise 4/19/14
noel akchote qual fora, donna gesualdo: madrigals for five guitars blue chopsticks 8/26/14
deerhoof tiny bubbles la isla bonita polyvinyl 11/4/14
tobias picker piano quintet "live oaks" part 5 invisible lilacs tzadik 3/12/14
dead congregation from a wretched womb promulgation of the fall profound lore 5/17/14
bitchin bajas tilang (excerpt) bitchin bajas drag city 8/26/14
noura mint seymali eguetmar tzenni glitterbeat 6/20/14
cremator gnostic ascension clear air turbulence series aphonos 3/11/14
diocletian zealot's poison gesundrian osmose 6/17/14
the unsemble krishna the unsemble ipecac 3/13/14
new bums welcome to the navy voices in a rented room drag city 2/25/14
the nels cline singers canales' cabeza macroscope mack avenue 4/29/14
d'angelo till it's done (tutu) black messiah rca 12/15/14
ha-yang kim threadsuns for string quartet pt 2 (excerpt) threadsuns tzadik 3/18/14
many arms greater mass (excerpt) suspended definition tzadik 4/29/14
nehruviandoom mean the most nehruviandoom (sound of the son) lex 10/7/14
black bananas give it to me electric brick wall drag city 6/24/14
sondorgo marice tamburocket: hungarian fireworks world music/riverboat 7/29/14
hail mary mallon picture day bestiary rhymesayers 11/10/14
dire omen ossuary wresting the revelation of futility dark descent 11/13/14
james blackshaw part 5 fantomas: le faux magistrat tompkins square 7/8/14
alraune exordium the process of self-immolation profound lore 6/24/14
dan'l boone hostage rock (excerpt) dan'l boone drag city 9/23/14
earth torn by the fox of the crescent moon primitive and deadly southern lord 9/2/14
the budos band aphasta burnt offering daptone 10/21/14
occultation laughter in the halls of madness silence in the ancestral house profound lore 10/14/14
the bad plus the sage/dance of the earth the rite of spring sony masterworks 3/25/14
john zorn/the stephen gosling trio tender buttons in the hall of mirrors tzadik 5/27/14
the marc ribot trio bells (excerpt) live at the village vanguard pi 5/13/14
ariel pink plastic raincoats in the pig parade pom pom 4ad 11/17/14
auroch taman shud/voice of gemini taman shud profound lore 6/24/14
steve reich radio rewrite pt. 5: fast radio rewrite nonesuch 9/30/14
run the jewels feat. diane coffee crown run the jewels 2 mass appeal 10/27/14
meredith monk paris piano songs ecm 5/6/14 ursula oppens, piano
morbus chron it stretches in the hollow sweven century media 3/3/14
amps for christ hills of padua canyons cars and crows shrimper 4/15/14
shellac riding bikes dude incredible touch & go 9/16/14
stephen malkmus & the jicks planetary motion wig out at jagbags matador 1/7/14
witch mountain psycho animundi mobile of angels profound lore 9/30/14
kenny wollesen, jonathon haffner & dalius naujo augo putins rasa rasa tzadik 10/27/14
ghostface killah love don't live here no more 36 seasons salvation/tommy boy 12/9/14
scott walker & sunn O))) brando soused 4ad 10/21/14
john zorn apocryphon transmigration of the magus tzadik 10/27/14
swans to be kind to be kind young god 5/12/14
sleaford mods tweet tweet tweet divide and exit harbinger sound 5/27/14