Not Truth, But Effect

with KPC

featuring the Warped Moment o'the Week & The Nearly Forgotten Thing

Saturday, July 11, 2015
22:00 to 01:00
other shows

White MannaTransformationDune worshipHoly Mountain2013
Broken WaterCloseWroughtNight People2015*
Chastity BeltTime to go homeTime to go homeHardly Art2015
TenementMorning mouthBruised music, vol. 1Toxic Pop/Grave Mistake2010/comp. released 2015
Thee TsunamisI knowSaturday night sweetheartMagnetic South2015*
The CatsSix packs/Lying in stateGrave desecrator + 4Forward Fast2015...playing The Boot & Saddle, Philly, Sun 7/12...Lying in State is a Verlaines cover*
RatatatShempiLP3XL2008...playing Webster Hall, NYC, Fri 7/17 (new LP "Magnifique" due out 7/17)
ParliamentP. Funk (wants to get funked up)Paliament's greatest hitsCasablanca1975/comp released 1984...George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic playing Queensbridge Park, NYC, Wed 7/15 & MetroTech Commons, NYC, Thu 7/16
BlondesWireSwisherRVNG NL2013...playing Good Room, NYC, Sat 7/18 (new EP "Persuasion" due out 8/7)
EskimeauxI admit I'm scaredO.K.Double Double Whammy Whammy2015...playing Palisades, NYC, Fri 7/17*
Neil YoungCortez the killerZumaReprise1975...playing Bethel Woods Center, Bethel, NY, , Fri 7/17
Du BlondeHunterWelcome back to milkMute2015*
Barbra StreisandWoman in love (warped)WarpedMomento'the Week
The Budos BandThe SticksBurnt offeringDaptone2014
Middle EdgeEmotion freeze"Emotion freeze"/"The Pressure" (7" single)Balloon On The Pin2015*
See Through DressesWhen summer endsSee Through DressesGolden Sound2013
Joanna GruesomeCrayonPeanut butterSlumberland2015*
The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceRed houseAre you experienced?Reprise1967R
Coma In AlgiersFebruaryHappy foreverA Wicked Company2015*
CancersBe coolFatten the leechesKandy Kane2014
Sacred PawsIce popSix songs (12" ep)Rock Action2015*
It Hugs BackStill hereSlow waveSafe & Sound2015*
A Noise AgencyRose colored glasses"The Dollar was king" (7" ep)Gnatbreath1987...Nearly Forgotten Thing
Mikal CroninSayMCIIIMerge2015*
Whatever BrainsElephant gunWhatever BrainsSorry State2013
Robert WyattSlow walkin' talk68Cuneiform2013/recorded 1968
GlitzHalfway houseIt's GlitzGrazer2013
Straight ArrowsRotten teethRisingAgitated/Rice Is Nice2014
EspectrostaticThe Goddamn apocalypseEscape from WitchtropolisTrouble In Mind2014
Kizzy HallHolistic alternativesA Touch of Kizz in the nightself released2014*
Joan ShelleyFirst of AugustElectrc UrsaNo Quarter2014
Jolie HollandMexican blueSpringtime can kill youAnti-2006
Eternal TapestryEnchanter's nightshadWild strawberriesThrill Jockey2015
Sonic YouthHeather angelA Thousand leavesDGC1998