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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Peter Hammill Re-Awakening Fool's Mate
Godley & Creme Golden Boy History Mix Vol. 1
Peter Gabriel And Through The Wire Peter Gabriel (AKA: "Melt") Charisma 1980; 3rd solo album; self-titled, but often known as "Melt"
Kate Bush Leave It Open The Dreaming EMI 1982
Marianne Faithfull Broken English Broken English Island 1979
Cheer-Accident I Don't Want It Back Fades
Make A Rising Hi Vibrating Life Wounded Fhealer Series: Part One
XTC Scarecrow People Oranges & Lemons Virgin 1989; 11th studio album
The Royal Purple The Wind Psychoacoustics
The Au-Pairs Shakedown Sense & Sensuality Kamera Records 1982; 2nd (& final) album; Formed in Birmingham, England in 1978. Lasted until 1983. Great.
Gloria Jones Tainted love Vixen EMI 1976; 3rd studio album, but this song was released as a single back in 1964, and was composed by Ed Cobb, formerly of American group The Four Preps, though Gloria Jones' version was the first recorded/released version
Laura Nyro And When I Die Stoned Soul Picnic was one of the first songs recorded by Nyro, when she was 17 years old.[2] She then sold the song to folk group Peter, Paul and Mary for $5000,[3] who then recorded the song for their sixth studio album The Peter, Paul and Mary Album. The song was later recorded by American rock group Blood, Sweat & Tears for their self-titled second album and was eventually released as the third single from the album
Bettye Swann Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me)? Bettye Swann Capsoul
The Delfonics Ready Or Not, Here I Come Sound of Sexy Soul Philly Groove Records 1969; PHILLY SOUL!; Philly Groove Records was a soul music label started by Stan Watson and Sam Bell in 1967, with noted producer Thom Bell doing A&R. The label's best-known artists were male vocal group, the Delfonics and female group, First Choice.
Love Young & Able (Good & Evil) Black Beauty High Moon reissue of 1973 album *
Sleater-Kinney You're No Rock N' Roll Fun Start Together: 1994-2006- A Sampler SubPop
Kinski Detroit Trickle-Down 7 (or 8) Kill Rock Stars 2015 *
Needs Walk, Cycle, Or Take Transit Like Jehu Needs File Under Music 2015 *
Male Gaze Gale Maze Male Gaze Castle Face 2015 * R
Downtown Boys Wave of History Full Communism Don Giovanni 2015 *
Wire Split Your Ends Wire Pink Flag records 2015 *
Steve Gunn New Decline Time Off Paradise of Bachelors 2013
Yoko Ono & Blow Up Everyman...Everywoman Yes, I'm A Witch Astralwerks 2007
Takako Minekawa Maxi On! Maxi On! EP Emperor Norton 2000
Brian Eno & David Byrne Regiment My Life in the Bush of Ghosts Sire 1981; Album title from a 1954 novel by Amos Tutuola
David Byrne In the Future The Knee Plays ECM 1985; an album by David Byrne composed for American experimental theater stage director and playwright Robert Wilson's opera "the CIVIL warS, a tree is best measured when it is down," a five-act work whose individual acts have never been performed together as a whole. Originally, The Civil Wars was conceived as a single daylong piece of music theatre to accompany the 1984 Summer Olympics. Six different composers from six different countries were to compose sections of Wilson's text inspired by the American Civil War. After initial premieres in their countries of origin, the six parts were to be fused in one epic performance in Los Angeles during the games, a parallel to the internationalist ideals of the Olympic movement. The premiere of the full work was cancelled when funding failed to materialize (despite the Olympic Committee's offer of matching funds) and deadlines were not met. But four of the six sections had full productions under Wilson's direction in Minneapolis, Rome, Rotterdam and Cologne, with workshop productions of the other two sections in Tokyo and Marseille.
Tones On Tail Lions Pop Beggars Banquet 1984; side project of Daniel Ash of the gothic rock group Bauhaus, along with art school friend, flatmate and "Bauhaus roadie" Glenn Campling in 1982
Tones On Tail Lions Pop Beggars Banquet 1984; side project of Daniel Ash of the gothic rock group Bauhaus, along with art school friend, flatmate and "Bauhaus roadie" Glenn Campling in 1982