the worried waltz

with thomas

Sunday, April 3, 2005
21:00 to 23:00
worried waltz
other shows

Artist Song Album Label
beatles norwegian wood anthology 2 capitol
donovan ferris wheel sunshine superman epic
traffic utterly simple heaven is in your mind island
peter cook & dudley moore l.s. bumblebee acid drops,spacedust,& flying saucers mojo box mojo
manfred mann ha! ha! said the clown/song long dad/my name is jack chapter 2 best of fontana years fontana
procol harum good captain clack 1st album westside
hollies stop stop stop greatest hits epic
the move open up said the world at the door looking on cube
thunderclap newman accidents hollywood dream track
robin gibb farmer ferdinand hudson robin's reign atco
bonzo dog band my pink half of the drainpipe the doughnut in grannys greenhouse emi
syd barrett golden hair the madcap laughs capitol
manfred mann ha! ha! said the clown chapter two fontana
robert wyatt soup song ruth is stranger than richard virgin
malicorne la conduite l' extraordinaire elektra
albert marcoeur ouvre toi album a colorier label freres
nicols/cooper/leandre almost the blues live at the bastille sync pulse
frank zappa planet of my dreams them or us barking pumpkin
eno/byrne qu'ran my life in the bush of ghosts sire
brian eno the roil,the choke nerve net opal
david sylvian pop song everything & nothing virgin
optiganally yours oar exclusively talentmaker absolutelt kosher
momus oskar tennis champion oskar tennis champion american patchwork
the books an animated description of mr. maps lost & safe tomlab
marianne faithfull city of quartz before the poison anti
tuxedomoon baron brown/here til x-mas cabin in the sky crammed