blues, bop & beyond

with will constantine jr

Thursday, May 28, 2015
11:00 to 15:00
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E. Power BiggsVariations on America the BeautifulMusic of Charles Ives (?)Columbia
Ruby Braff and Dick HymanThe Yankee Doodle BoyAmerica, the BeautifulArbors Records2002 reissue of a 1982 date.
Harry AllenAmerica, the BeautifulTenors Anyone?Slider MusicRecorded in November of 1996.
James "Blood" UlmerAre You Glad to Be in AmericaAre You Glad to Be in AmericaArtist HouseA 1981 release.
Charles LloydLarkWild Man DanceBlue NoteReleased in 2015.*
Tim WarfieldNY Daze NY KnightsInspire Me!HHM Jazzmasters Unlimited SeriesA 2013 date.*
Papo VazquezThe Little PeopleSpirit WarriorPicaro RecordsReleased in 2015.*
Sexteto HabaneroTres Lindas CubanasSextetos y Septetos CubanosMusica Latina Nostalgia
Pete RodriguezSoy La LeyEl Conde NegroDestiny RecordsA 2015 release.*
The Joe Harriott QuintetPicturesAbstractRedial/Polygram1998 CD reissue of this 1961 date.
Rufus HarleyThe ConstitutionSustainPhilly JazzReleased in 2005.
PlungeBirmingham SongoIN for the OUTImmersion RecordsA 2014 release.*
Sun Ra and his Myth Science ArkestraInterplanetary MusicWe Travel the SpacewaysEl Saturn
Sun Ra and his Myth Science ArkestraLights on a SatelliteFate in a Pleasant MoodSaturn Records
Sun RaBassismWe Are in the FutureSavoy JazzRecorded 10/10/1961.
Walt Dickerson & Sun RaAstroVisionsSteeple ChaseA 1988 release.
Sun Ra and his Myth Science ArkestraTiny PyramidsAngels and Demons At PlaySaturn ResearchRecorded in Chicago 1955-1957.
Sun Ra and his ArkestraAnkhBad and BeautifulSaturn Research
Sun Ra and his Astro Infinity ArkestraEnlightenmentSound Sun Pleasure!!Saturn Records
Sun Ra and his Arkestra1) Saturn (2) Medicine for a NightmareGreatest Hits: Easy Listening for Intergalactic TravelEvidenceA 2000 release.
Sun Ra1) The Star Gazers (2) Shadow WorldNuits de la Fondation MaeghtRecommended RecordsRecorded in August of 1970, in St.Paul-de-Vence, France.
Sun Ra and his Solar ArkestraSeductive FantasyOn JupiterArt YardA 1979 date.
Sun RaThe Damned AirStrange Worlds in My Mind (?)Saturn(?)Recorded in 1962,
Sun RaCelestial RoadStrange Celestial RoadCelestial Recordings
The All-Star GamePart 1The All-Star GameEremite2003