The Surge

with general bETRAYuS

wake up and smell the jamz

Saturday, April 25, 2015
05:00 to 07:00
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chastity beltwhy trytime to go home*
minus the bearabsinthe party at the fly honey warehousehighly refined pirates
dan deaconwhen i was done dyinggliss riffer*
local nativescubism dreamgorilla manor
the morning bendersboarded doorstalking through tin cans
wilcodawned on methe whole love
jake xerxes fussellstar girlparadise of bachelors*
the avett brothershead full of doubt/road full of promisei and love and you
the six parts seveneverything wrong is right againcasually smashed to pieces
dr dogstationanti-i don't know what this pup's degree is in but it's probably in making awesome music, go you puppy for getting an advanced degree
my morning jacketdondantsz
courtney barnettdeprestonsometimes i sit and think, and sometimes i just sit*
zee avihoney beezee avia malaysian regina spektor
fleet foxeslorelaihelplessness blues
the dodossleepno colorfeaturing neko case
blake millssevenheigh ho
local nativesbreakershummingbird
the decemberistscarolina lowwhat a terrible world, what a beautiful world
the decemberistsbetter not wake the babywhat a terrible world, what a beautiful world
dr dog my friendfate
someone still loves you, boris yeltsinoceanographerpershing
wilcowilco (the song)wilco (the album)tweedy apparently really likes the name of his band
deerticktrash negativity